VidaBox Ships New iPad Home Button Blocker for iPad Frames

New Inexpensive Add-On Prevents Access to Any Mounted iPad's Home Button : Ideal for Dedicated Automation Control Panels, Public Interactive Touch Exhibits, & Kiosk Displays

Garden City Park, NY - May 25, 2012 - VidaBox, LLC is releasing the new iPad Home Button Blocker for their family of iPad 2 & iPad 3rd Gen mounting frames. They are designed to work with a wall-mounted iPad and prevent unauthorized access to an iPad's Home Button, making it suitable as a dedicated control panel, public interactive touch exhibit, or digital kiosk display. Available in black and white, they start at $19.99 each. Volume-based discounts are available for integrators and resellers.

"The iPad has become the new standard for cost-effective touch controls in automation projects, but they have a major disadvantage where any control app must be manually launched or an iPad must be unlocked after a period of time. Thus, there's always a lag as the iPad is not always ready for use," states Steven Cheung, president of VidaBox, LLC. "In some installations, an integrator may add a removable iPad dock - but they fail to consider scenarios where the iPad may not be available if it's been misplaced or removed from its dock - turning iPad-only controls into an inconvenience in these scenarios. The solution here is to permanently mount an iPad with one of our on-wall frames, and add the Home Button Blocker. This turns any iPad into an inexpensive, elegant, dedicated touch panel controller."

The iPad Home Button Blocker is made of premium glossy acrylic, perfectly matching an iPad's finish. Its precision, laser-cut dimensions line up exactly with the iPad's touchscreen and front camera, allowing it for use in communications apps like Skype and FaceTime. If the Home Button needs to be reached for service, a pin-size access hole allows technicians to easily do so. Otherwise, the Home Button is no longer accessible without the proper tools, allowing it to be used securely and strictly for its intended application.

"This simple add-on for our iPad frames will allow integrators to save tremendous costs," continues Cheung. "For example, take the retail price of a your typical, dedicated in-wall touchscreen. Now compare it to the combined cost of an iPad2, a VidaBox iPad frame, our iPCX charging kit, plus the new Home Button Blocker - all of which totals under USD $550 retail combined. It's easy to see why more integrators are using our iPad mounting accessories to help lower project costs, win more bids, and increase their overall profitability!"

The new iPad Home Button Blocker is shipping now, and available for purchase directly from the VidaBox eShop. VidaBox is seeking international distributors for this and their other iPad mounting accessories. For more information on the iPad Home Button Blocker, or other VidaBox products and accessories, please call +1 516-730-7500, or visit their website at

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