The Benefits of Remote Power Management

Tripp Lite's Technical Specialist Gareth Carr explains the money and time saving benefits of remote power management

In today's day and age many IT professionals rely on remote management to manage their data center. What is the main reason for this? First and foremost, remote management capabilities mean less time and money will be spent on traveling from site to site to fix equipment issues. Instead, these problems can be resolved from your office, lowering your total cost of ownership. The ability to remotely manage many of your critical IT devices allows you to cycle power from a remote location anywhere in the world, as long as the equipment which has "frozen" is within an IP range. If this is the case, you have the ability to switch the power off and on again to reset the server without getting up from your desk.

At Tripp Lite, we offer remote management solutions that are ideally suited to solve the above problem as well as other challenges that IT professionals face when dealing with remote data center or server closet situations. With Tripp Lite's remote management capabilities, you can view any UPS or PDU which is connected to your servers and/or IP range of your network. For example, you can install a UPS equipped with an SNMP Web Card and that UPS will become detectable on the network and once this is set up, you can log on from anywhere within your network to check the status of the UPS. Its parameters can be configured to send you notifications when there are issues with the UPS. You can also monitor the environment of the remote location via ENVIROSENSE. With the addition of ENVIROSENSE, the enabled equipment will notify the user about conditions within the cabinet, office, or any other housing facility in which the UPS is installed.

Key Features of the SNMP Web Card:

*Makes any slot-equipped Tripp Lite UPS a managed device on the network, controllable using SNMP network management platforms or a web browser

*Web interface provides remote viewing of current site electrical data, UPS self-test and alert logs, as well as logged power events such as blackouts, brownouts, overvoltage, and other electrical problems

*Offers the ability to control UPS output power and remotely reboot locked network devices without interrupting power to other loads

*Offers the ability to shut down remote operating systems through your networks

*Alert notifications via email or SNMP traps give users the added advantage of having an immediate event notification sent to them as a result of a site electrical or UPS problem

*Optional SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security setting provides the capability to create an encrypted connection to the card via a web browser

*Protocols supported include HTTP, HTTPS, PowerAlert Network Management System, SMTP, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, Telnet, SSH, FTP, DHCP, BOOTP

Tripp Lite also offers PowerAlert12, free power management software. PowerAlert software enables customizable network monitoring and control-both locally and remotely via internet connection-of thousands of UPS systems and PDUs on various operating systems. What does PowerAlert12 enable you as user or administrator to do? Well, here are a few examples:

*Cycle power at remote sites (i.e. reboot certain servers due to technical errors)

*Monitor the utility power whether it is National Power or Generator Power

*Indicate battery voltages

*Maintain logs of all activities which have occurred

There is no denying the importance of remote management capabilities in today's data center environments. The ability to monitor, manage and control multiple locations from a centralized office saves time and money by cutting out lengthy trips to and from satellite locations. Tripp Lite's top of the line remote management solutions make these tasks simple to implement and insure that your remotely situated critical IT devices are performing as they should be.

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