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Wisdom Audio and Magnepan Collaborate on Message at

Magnepan and Wisdom Audio are both leaders in developing planar magnetic transducer technologies, each having a different product history

Carson City, NV, - May 11, 2012 - Wisdom Audio and Magnepan, both developers of planar magnetic speaker systems for the home, have joined forces at the upcoming T.H.E Show in Newport Beach, California, June 1-3. Both Magnepan and Wisdom Audio will be demonstrating systems in rooms 221 (Atrium) and Hilton Crystal Ballroom A (respectively), while running advertisements in the show guide mentioning each other's company.

Mark Glazier, president of Wisdom Audio offered the genesis of the idea, stating, "Wendell Diller of Magnepan and our team have been industry colleagues for decades, and although our company histories and product development paths have been quite different, we now share a particular interest to bring high-performance audio to a broader audience. That required both our companies to eventually address the obvious and fundamental need to better integrate our products into the contemporary living space, and to remove the speakers from the floor. We believe that T.H.E Show is an ideal opportunity to collaborate on a message that shows mutual respect for each company's products, highlighting the benefits for the growing group of customers who love high quality music reproduction, but will not accept the intrusion of often ungainly objects into their living spaces."

Magnepan and Wisdom Audio are both leaders in developing planar magnetic transducer technologies, each having a different product history. While Wisdom Audio's focus has been producing the highest performance speakers available that also allow for architecturally integrated solutions, Magnepan's MMC 2 is similarly addressing the demand for a high-performance integrated solution that builds on their long history of outstanding floor standing dipole speakers.

Wendell Diller, Marketing Manager of Magnepan advised, "At Magnepan we are amazed at the bold pioneering product development at Wisdom Audio to develop true high-performance speaker solutions that can be fully integrated into the home, which is precisely what the MMC 2 was also designed to accomplish within its price range. However, Wisdom Audio, more than any high-end speaker company, jumped into the deep end of the pool. We, at Magnepan, only put our toe in the water. Magnepan wanted to collaborate with Wisdom Audio on a marketing effort at T.H.E Show to reinforce our common interest, and to make more dealers and press aware that audiophiles need not compromise on the sound. That is the basis for our joint message at T.H.E Show."

Glazier added, "We are old-time audiophiles at both Wisdom Audio and Magnepan, but we also acknowledge that times have changed and there is a large and growing market for high quality music reproduction systems that do not interfere with the aesthetics of the home. Outside the audiophile market, there is a broad market of passionate music lovers who desire high performance, but are unwilling to sacrifice decor to own traditional in-room speaker systems. Wisdom Audio and Magnepan understand and accept that design challenge for the benefit of music lovers, but also for dealers and journals that must remain relevant in an evolving world. We feel our offerings gain from our complementary messages"

About Wisdom Audio

Wisdom Audio is the leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance planar magnetic transducers for architectural speaker applications with more than 100 man-years experience. Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 to create no-compromise planar loudspeaker systems for the most demanding and critical audiophiles. Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom-made planar magnetic and dynamic transducers optimized for high performance, and including high-end architectural audio reproduction applications.

Its hybrid-technology systems have earned praise and awards from the specialized media, while satisfying a growing base of customers and dealers worldwide. Wisdom Audio's multi-award winning Sage Series architectural products are handcrafted in limited quantities by specialized craftsman at its headquarters in Carson City, Nevada.

For more information, please visit or call (775) 887-8850.

About Magnepan

Over the years, Magnepan has witnessed some of their long-term customers giving up their large panel speakers for a variety of reasons. The motorized MMC 2 (and accompanying Maggie Woofers) provides a full-range,"free-standing" Maggie solution that is inconspicuous when not in use. Skepticism remains whether something is lost when you attempt to have it both ways. An audio show is an ideal environment to allow consumers and the press to hear for themselves.

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