Zenverge Powers the SKnet Monster TV Evo. 4, the First Single-Chip 4 Channel TV Transcoder Product in Japan

Users can now record and watch up to 4 HD terrestrial and/or satellite broadcast TV channels on their PC with up to 15X more recording time

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--Zenverge Inc., a leading developer of Advanced Content Networking ICs, and SKnet Corp., a leader in multimedia aftermarket accessories, announced today that the Monster TV Evo. 4 will be shipping in major retail stores in Japan on May 11, 2012. Using a single Zenverge ZN200 SoC and its powerful TransALL™ technology, this innovative product is the first on the market that enables a PC to become a 4 channel HD DVR with up to 15 times more recording capacity. A unique feature of MonsterTV Evo.4 is its intelligent "Auto key word and category select recording" allowing you to choose any actor, star, comedy, drama or sports team as search keywords to record up to four shows at the same time. The selected keywords are matched to the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) to record up to four HD channels of terrestrial and/or satellite broadcast, so users never miss any of their favorite shows. In addition, the product will provide users with full control over the recording quality, show selection and compression ratio for an optimal, customized viewing experience with more recording capacity than any other similar product with the same physical storage space.

Based on the industry leading Zenverge TransALLTM Transcode engine, SKnet has enabled users to turn their PCs into powerful DVRs providing a rich multimedia experience. This product takes advantage of the Zenverge TransFormat™, TransRate™, and TransScale™ functions to convert MPEG-2 broadcast content into the more efficient H.264 compression format while achieving the highest video quality at the lowest possible bitrate by leveraging the entire H.264 compression toolset. Lastly, the TransCrypt™ function is used to ensure content is always secured by handling the Multi-2 decryption natively and providing DRM protection when recording to disk.

"We recognized a market need for a more competitively priced, high quality 4 channel DVR solution with high storage efficiency," said SKnet corporations' president, Kanuru Seno. "By using the Zenverge ZN200 SoC as the core IC in our design, we were able to develop the first single chip product that is capable of transcoding 4 HD broadcast channels simultaneously thereby achieving a very attractive price point for consumers".

"We're excited to see the Monster TV Evo. 4 fulfill a high demand application in the Japan market by offering long term TV timeshifting of 4 major broadcast channels at an affordable price," said Zenverge CEO, Amir Mobini. "SKnet continued their legacy of pioneering premium PC products by leveraging the full power of our industry leading technology to create a great multimedia experience to consumers".

The ZN200 powers products such as HDTVs, blu-ray recorders, set-top boxes, multimedia NAS devices, headless gateways, media streamers and movers, portable device adapters, PCs, and network video equipment.

About SKnet

SKnet is a leading developer and manufacturer of the computer video peripheral products for consumer after-market as well as OEM market. The company was established in 1995 having its headquarter in Shin-Yokohama, Japan and manufacturing operation in Taiwan.

For more information please visit http://www.sknet-web.co.jp/

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