Eragy Announces New Family of Energy Management Applications for Control4 Systems

Product family includes entry-level, energy monitoring & demand management apps and new energy game to address residential and light commercial applications

Durham, North Carolina May 07, 2012

Eragy, Inc., a leading provider of award-winning energy management software applications and services, today announced a family of new residential and light commercial energy management applications for Control4® home automation systems.

Eragy's new family of apps includes a new energy game, entry-level and premium solutions for monitoring and managing energy consumption, plus a full-featured intelligent energy management app that allows Control4 users to save energy automatically.

"We are excited to expand our energy management product line for residential and light commercial applications in the Control4 marketplace," said Mark Komanecky, Eragy's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We now enable any Control4 dealer to offer affordable energy management solutions for their clients while providing a compelling upgrade path for higher-value energy applications and services."

Complete Family of Energy Management Apps

Eragy's new family includes five (5) distinct apps that allow Control4 users to save energy and reduce their bills by up to 30% or more. Users can access Eragy apps via their TV screen, Control4® touch screen, or PC/Mac equipped with Control4's MyHome PC application.

Eragy Watt's on FREE: This free app provides users with an easy way to visualize & control their Control4-based lighting, climate control, and audio/video systems and quickly become engaged in their energy usage.

Eragy Energy LITE: When combined with a whole-house power sensor and Eragy software driver, this $49 (MSRP) app allows Control4 users to view their home's real-time power consumption and get basic energy cost information.

Eragy Energy PLUS: Priced at $199 MSRP plus $96 per year, this advanced energy app adds circuit and appliance-level energy monitoring and access to Eragy's cloud-based energy platform. This includes an energy web portal plus Eragy's proprietary utility rate engine, energy analytics, and real-time email/text energy alerts.

Eragy Energy PLUS provides an easy way for solar users to visualize their energy consumption and energy generation and easily understand the real-time and historical value of their generated energy. Eragy Energy PLUS is also suitable for both residential and light commercial applications.

Eragy Energy PRO: Priced at $399 MSRP plus $96 per year, this intelligent energy management app adds Eragy's award-winning Intelligent Demand Side Management (iDSM) and Eragy's proprietary energy management rules engine to provide both real-time energy monitoring and intelligent management of heating and cooling plus other devices and systems.

Eragy Energy PRO works in tandem with users' Control4 systems to automatically reduce energy costs by up to 30% or more.

Eragy Energy Challenge GAME: This free game app works in tandem with Eragy's Energy PLUS, Energy PRO, and previous generation subscription-based apps to give users a fun way to become engaged in saving energy.

"Eragy's latest energy applications arm Control4 dealers with a complete suite of interactive services that enhance the energy management systems available to clients in both the residential and light commercial marketplace," said Jim Arnold, Senior Vice President of Sales for Control4, "With Eragy's expanded portfolio of energy-saving solutions, Control4 dealers and end-users can leverage the affordable technology to make smarter decisions that pave the way for more efficient usage and a reduction in energy costs."

Compatibility with Industry-leading Power Sensors, Lighting, and Control Devices

Eragy's new energy monitoring and energy management apps are compatible with several power sensors, including the Blue Line Innovations PowerCost™ Monitor with WiFi, the TED 5000 from Energy, Inc., and the eGauge energy monitoring solution that measures whole-house/building usage.

Eragy Energy PLUS & PRO can also be used with the eGauge to track circuit-level energy usage and energy generation from renewable systems. In addition, Eragy Energy PLUS & PRO are compatible with Jetlun ZigBee® appliance modules and Control4 Puck Lighting products to allow users to both track and control lighting and appliance-level energy usage.

"Jetlun is happy to be working with Eragy to enable Control4 users to gain access to even more energy usage and cost information in their homes and businesses," said Elsa Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Jetlun. "Our ZigBee appliance modules are a perfect fit with Eragy's apps and software to help users maximize their energy awareness and savings."

Eragy's new energy management applications will be available this month through Control4's 4Store Application Marketplace.

About Eragy

Eragy, Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning energy management software applications and services. Eragy's initial services include energy monitoring, intelligent demand management and smart home system monitoring. Users can achieve energy cost savings of up to 30% per month. Eragy enables its dealers to generate recurring revenue via energy monitoring, demand management and smart home monitoring services. For more information please visit

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