Delivering some of the finest high-fidelity 3D images yet possible, and on screens up to 18 feet in width

BERKELEY, CA - Wolf Cinema - a leading manufacturer of ultra-high-performance home cinema

projectors - announced today the first shipments in the company's all-new Reference Series of
2D/3D theater projectors.

The REF-700 and REF-1000 projectors are powerful new additions to the Wolf Cinema line,
delivering some of the finest high-fidelity 3D images yet possible, and on screens up to 18 feet in
width. Powered by modular Cermax® xenon arc lamps, these remarkable three-chip DLP® light
engines boast a wide variety of advanced custom installation options including the choice of 6
high-contrast VariScope™ primary lens packages, advanced Wolf Cinema video processing with
custom film algorithms, optional cinema "Triple-Flash" 3D imaging technologies and custom 3D
glasses. All are delivered with the company's proven cooling infrastructure for extended projector
and lamp life.

"The REF Series are extraordinary; frankly we're surprised at how much we've been able to
improve upon the visual performance of the previous generation," said John Hunter, President of
Wolf Cinema. "The imaging is cleaner, more highly resolved without looking etched and with
greater sense of instantaneous dynamics when fast-transitioning between light levels."

"Wolf's obsession with reliability drives these projects, as always. Too often, high-end projectors
fail when installed in the tight, cramped spaces found in home ceiling soffits or projector lifts.
With our comprehensive i-Box™ design, high velocity air flow is directed throughout the chassis
and over all mission-critical system components. The net result is that, for over four years now
we've never experienced a total Reference Series projector failure, in field. These two design
attributes - operational excellence and imaging fidelity - are embodied in every Wolf Cinema
Reference projector, and our two latest models proudly carry forth that tradition. Not only is the
picture absolutely stellar from your favorite 2D and 3D content, but these flagship projectors will
keep working and delivering their home theater excellence for years to come."

The Wolf Cinema REF-700 and REF-1000 projectors boast the company's precision VariScope™
memory lens system, whereby a wide variety of TV and film content can be viewed without the
need for an external anamorphic lens. This proven technique accesses a wide range of popular
aspect ratios [from 16/9 all the way up to CinemaScope® 2.35/2.40:1] and stores them in
memory for quick access via the projector's IR remote or RS-232 control scheme, and instantly
recalled by any of today's leading home automation systems
The Reference series of projectors can be ordered as either 2D-only projectors, or configured as
full 3D HD imaging systems, with the 3D editions boasting the very latest in "Triple Flash" imaging
technologies for ultra-smooth, ghost-free performance. A near-field 3D emitter and four pairs of
custom 3D glasses are included with each REF 3D edition. Additional 3D glasses and ceiling
mount kits are also available as key system options.

Wolf Cinema projectors are available only through a select network of highly-qualified audio/video
specialists around the world. The new Wolf Cinema REF-700 and REF-1000 are shipping now,
inclusive of standard selection primary optics, at starting MSRP retail prices of $75,000.
Please visit our website, www.wolfcinema.com for additional information.

About Wolf Cinema:
Founded by Sumiko in 2008, Wolf Cinema is a privately-held company headquartered in Berkeley, California
and maintains its own in-field sales, training and support staff. The company manufacturers some of the
finest home cinema imaging solutions possible, with advanced video imaging technologies and core light
engines that represent the pinnacle of home cinema excellence.
For additional information visit http://www.wolfcinema.com.

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