What HOME MANAGER stories do you have? What will replace your HOME MANAGER? Want to delay retirement as long as possible? Concerned new replacement will be more than you need?

Our beloved HOME MANAGER is a great product that performs very well. However, its components are aging and becoming less reliable. Replacement parts are scarce and a qualified service technician even more scarce. Home owners like yourself face an increasing challenge to keep your HOME MANAGER humming throughout the five to eight year component service cycle.

The HOME MANAGER has been the perfect computer.... no viruses, no updates, no daily reboots, using not a single sheet of paper! Yes, the perfect computer will wear out before it is phased out!....... that is the HOME MANAGER. (How many PCs have you phased out since 1985...$$$$)

For you, HOME MANAGER has been both the object of your delight as it silently served. But also, the subject of curses when it did not work..... because we relied and depended daily on its being there for our family. For many, the HOME MANAGER was a partner in raising family (owner-"it logged curfew violations"), and is now the home guardian during 2-week vacations with the grand kids. The HOME MANAGER has been a touch-stone throughout the years and its retirement ends a long relationship of reliance, trust and peace of mind. As 26 year service providers, the HOME MANAGER retirement means we will miss visiting your homes to service once every 5 to 8 years as well as your telephone & email support request through out the year.

The present technology craze is smart home technology on portable "apps". Strangely enough, the original HOME MANAGER owners have had "smart homes" for decades. Just now it seems, the "smart home" is all over television and advertising, as if a revelation. Over the past 25 years Home Manager owners proved home energy conservation/efficiency is a main stream expectation and offers higher comfort levels.... not less comfort. And it doesn't require an increase in the national debt (literally) to accomplish.

So, what now for your HOME MANAGER? Time for your HOME MANAGER to retire? You better do it soon and before we retire, because we know the HOME MANAGER infrastructure, the mechanical and electronic networks within your house. We created the modular wiring (25 pair) standard used in many Home Manager installation. Most importantly, we know which legacy parts and components that do "not" need to be phased out or replaced. Our knowledge saves $1000 on successor system costs when retiring your HOME MANAGER.

You may be wondering "What system will replace my HOME MANAGER?"
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What house system will replace your Home Manager? Since 1985, many,"home automation" systems have come and gone. In recent years, a glorified remote control has been deemed a "home automation" system. Home Manager owners know what real "automation" looks like and feels like....... once set, you don't see it and you don't have to touch it. It just works.

Is a Smart Phone a "home automation system"?
For more than two decades the cellular phone has kept us in touch with our business, our family and our friends. Today, the smart phone can be an extension into your homes automation features. However, a smart phone does not automate, but rather shares information and control with an automation system. A simple way to explain is smart phones offer a high tech way to reach into your automated home and perform low tech deeds like turning on a light or un-locking a door. And once we experience the benefit, we want the capability. But, true home automation systems like the HOME MANAGER house system, offer benefits beyond a "high tech remote control". Real home automation happens without user interaction, operates as unseen and untouched as your homes plumbing, electric or heating/cooling systems. When choosing a successor system, discern between a high tech "remote control" and true day-in, day-out "house systems automation", like the HOME MANAGER.

Do you need to keep your HOME MANAGER running a few more months?
Do you have operating questions because you don't recall exactly how?

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