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DimOnOff introduce Litenode™: a brand new line of wireless lighting control modules & system that radically changes the way engineers, electrical contractors and technician have designed and deployed lighting control systems.


LiteNode is the Smart wireless control, monitoring & metering module that does pretty much every function engineers and control specialists are used to:

Programmable Logic Controllers, Relays, Sensors: Occupancy - Light - Dry contact - Temperature, Astronomical Clocks, Timers, Meters, etc.

LiteNode is all this … all embedded in into ONE module … to control any type of lighting source, using standard leading brands of ballasts & drivers, for all and any voltage between 110V and 600V, and of course, without ever having to run 12 inches of control wires

LITENODE IS SMART, this means you can:

Build a logic system without ever requiring a central controller since Logic processing is embedded in each LiteNode

Engineer the system of your dreams, with the simplest yet most powerful building-block approach:

Just put a LiteNode everywhere you need something to be controlled

On some of these LiteNodes, connect any Low-voltage Sensors and simply choose the powerful available functions to Enable/Disable them based on your rules and control any LiteNode anywhere on the network

And while we're at it: use the great wireless battery less switches from EnOcean™

Have a full Master/Slave System from just two LiteNodes … or scale to address up to 2 Billion modules

Design a system without ever using a router or have to configure network components - Each LiteNode is autonomous, just plug and play.

Obtain a long-range wireless meshed network, capable of scaling from the small office control system to the largest municipal street lighting network, with real-time power metering and instant alarm notifications of faulty lighting equipment anywhere on the network, for your maintenance crew to be super-responsive.

LiteNode means:
Doing all this … yet being more affordable to deploy than other solutions.

About the DimOnOff

DimOnOff is an innovative company, specializing in manufacturing and development of multi technology wireless lighting control products and software. Our main markets are control & monitoring of commercial, industrial and municipal lighting such as roadway (street), warehouses, parking lots, car dealerships, sports facilities, ice rinks, gymnasiums, classrooms, office buildings and hospitals, just to name a few.

Media contact:
Daniel Noiseux, VP business Development
DimOnOff Inc.
T 418-558-6166

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