Mvix Digital Signage Helps Legendary Theatre Move Forward

The Second City needed a digital signage platform that would be up to the task of reliably updating information for its customers and promoting future events

Chantilly, VA. April 25, 2012: The Second City was already a leading sketch comedy brand when it contacted Mvix about installing digital signage in its main box office and theatre locations. Founded in Chicago in 1959, today The Second City has theatres and training centers in Chicago, Toronto, and Hollywood, and has served as a career launching point for famous actors and comedians from John Belushi and Mike Myers to Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and Stephen Colbert.

world's premier comedy club/theatre and school of improvisationA busy, well-known outfit such as The Second City needed a digital signage platform that would be up to the task of reliably updating information for its customers and promoting future events. Mvix delivered with its custom-configured, VideoWall Appliance, a multi-monitor display system that allows users to arrange anywhere between 2 and 14 screens together to create a larger series of video images.

"We're using the Mvix VideoWall for our new, main Box Office," said Dan Wagner, Technical Lead at Second City. "In any given week, we have upwards of 30 shows, but what we've done is highlighted our high-profile shows … we usually have 5 different images in our playlist."

Second City is the leading brand in improv-based sketch comedyTo promote its content on the VideoWall, Second City used Mvix signage system to create a graphic template that can display a unique image on each screen that rotates every 30 seconds. This is the default time originally set by Mvix, but it can also be adjusted to suit the needs of different clients. Either way, Wagner said that Second City appreciated Mvix's customer support services even after it completed its transaction for the VideoWall and other digital signage equipment.

"What's been fantastic about Mvix has been the support; we've developed a professional relationship where I feel I can go to the development team with any question and they will answer me in a timely and professional manner."

Mvix Ceeno Signage PlayerIn addition to the more high-profile VideoWall, The Second City has also found a home for the Mvix Ceeno amidst its large-scale operations. Like other users who find digital signage to be an effective way to cut down on expensive and cumbersome print material, Second City uses the Mvix Ceeno to display show posters and performer information.

Wagner said that using digital signage for performer information was a particular benefit, since Second City employs "equity actors" that are required by contract to have their name and picture on display. Before transitioning to digital signage, Second City had to print posters or small cards for each individual show. Now that this information can be uploaded with ease to the Mvix Ceeno, however, Second City has been able to significantly cut down on its printing costs, while also being able to make less burdensome adjustments if a performer suddenly cancels and a new performer's information needs to be featured instead.

"With the Ceeno, we can edit an image quickly and upload that image straight to the device within 5 minutes," said Wagner. "If an actor is sick or can't make the show, this makes the process extremely easy and efficient."

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