It is a really cool new way to hide a TV

The Flip-Around TV mount holds a TV on one side and a picture frame on the other. Flipping 180 degrees this TV mount makes hiding your TV easy. When you want to watch TV simply pull the bottom of the TV mount away from the wall and gas springs will take over.

Now Available: The Flip-Around TV mount for the 40" to 42" TV

Have you been hesitating to add a big-screen television set to your living room because you did not want the screen to dominate the room when to TV is not in use? Did you think the only way to avoid the television set taking over the room was to hire expensive carpenters and electricians to create a hiding place for the TV? Hidden Vision Flip-Around television mounts can solve your dilemma with an attractive and inexpensive solution.

Hidden Vision Flip Around TV mounts are a new way to look at hanging your television on the wall; a system that is easy to use and allows your room to keep its elegant, modern look and not be confused with a sports bar or family room. Available now, is the Flip-Around TV mount for a 40' to a 42" flat screen TV. This mount is attached to the wall, holding your television on one side and a piece of art or photograph on the other side, making it easy to safely flip the television to the wall when it is not in use. When you want to watch a program all you do is pull the mount out a couple of inches and the gas springs will flip the TV mount 180 degrees, revealing the screen. The fluid flipping motion makes opening and closing the mount such an effortless task.

The opportunities to use the Hidden Vision TV mounts are limited only by your imagination. They make it easy to transition from a football get together to a formal dinner party. In addition, they help a small house or studio apartment serve multiple functions.

The Flip-Out TV mount is designed for the bedroom and are not just for making your modern furniture look more stylish. These mounts can make television viewing more accessible to people confined to bed or just like to watch TV from bed in their natural resting position.

All three models are designed to work with LED or LCD televisions and the installation is easy to do, requiring no more than the basic tools. In addition to looking good they are less expensive than the lift mounts and other mounts on the market. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so there is no risk to you.

Hidden Vision is a division of Mark Joseph Design, a US company based out of Boise, Idaho. The website is; from the home page, you can click on "How does it Works" and a video will play showing you the movement of the mount.

For information and unanswered questions or just the hear your opinion please email and let them know what you think.

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