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ASI's Acoustic Wall Panels Complete a Dream Home Theater Four Years in the Making

A Houston, TX man creates a carefully planned, high-end media room with SoundSuede from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Richmond, VA April 17, 2012

For years, Jeff Autor of Houston, Texas dreamed of having a state of the art home theater. After some careful planning and in-depth research, he was able to construct the viewing room of his dreams with acoustical treatment from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

"My home theater journey finally began in 2008, when I decided to bite the bullet and build a new home," said Autor, "after doing a lot of searching and pricing, it became clear that if I wanted a dedicated theater, I was going to have to build new and custom".

Attention was paid to every detail of the space. With a project of this scale, everything from the color palette and woodwork to the sound system and seating had to be as Autor imagined it. If he was going to finally make this dream theater a reality, he wanted to do it right.

Autor knew that he would have to do some level of soundproofing to keep from disturbing other areas of the house or neighborhood. The 16 'x 22' unfinished space would also need noise control for optimum sound quality inside the theater.

When Autor looked for acoustical treatment, he did a lot of shopping around. He wanted the products to improve acoustics and look great with the design he had in mind: "as part of the design and color selection… and having seen the SoundSuede at an installation, I really liked that look. Perhaps it's the commercial look and feel of the fabric patterns that sent me in that direction".

Acoustical Solutions Architectural Sales Representative Aaron Duncan was first acquainted with Jeff Autor at a trade show, the CEDIA EXPO, in Indianapolis.

"Roaming the show floor at CEDIA helped a lot", said Autor, "I took my thoughts to the vendors' booths. The guys at Acoustical Solutions (Aaron Duncan) were very helpful, took a look at the plans, offered some advice, and sent me samples of both the fabrics and the edge finishes. After some comparison shopping, that's who I went with".

Autor used 1" thick SoundSuede fabric wrapped acoustical panels in the color Cordovan from Acoustical Solutions to cover upper and lower levels of his theater walls. SoundSuede panels have a noise reduction coefficient of up to 1.15, meaning that they absorb virtually all sound waves reaching the panel eliminating the chance of reverberation and echo. He also used two 5' x 2" SoundSuede bass traps, installed in the rear corners of the room to eliminate standing waves and acoustically tune the theater. Autor decided on a beveled edge for these, which he thought looked the most like something for a residential project.

Another concern for Autor was how to mount the panels to his walls. He did not want to use adhesive for fear of damaging the wall, and was also wary of impaling clips, which may damage the panel or fabric if not used correctly.

"Aaron recommended the Z-clip solution, which is simply a two-piece bracket that mates as you hang the panel over it (like a picture hook). After a few missteps with my laser level, hanging the panels only took a few hours," said Autor.

Aside from looking great and being easy to install, the panels achieved enhanced sound quality for the room.

"After putting the panels up, the sound difference in the room is easy to hear", said Autor, "While the basic slap-echo reverb had disappeared… the room was obviously still fairly live. There were some points in the rear of the room with terrible reflections, and these all went away with the panels in place. There's a definite difference with the panels installed".

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