Desktop Mounts for Monitors & Tablets. It's as easy as 1, 2, and 4.

Mount one, two or four monitors. Get your tablet onto your desk. Peerless-AV adds 13 new desktop models to its range for integrators, resellers and dealers… Perfect for Office, Residential, Medical and Hospitality, it's all about improving office and home office productivity.

Watford UK 17th April 2012 - Peerless-AV, one of the world's leading manufacturers of AV mounting products, adds 13 new models to its Desktop range for monitors and tablets.

More available screen means more productivity:

Microsoft said it1, University of Utah researched it to prove it 2, The New York Times discussed it3, Apple applauded it 4and Jon Peddie Research5 confirmed it. Larger screens, more screens help you work better. Dual monitors can even improve your productivity up to 50%.

Mounting your screen or tablet frees up vital real estate on your desktops. It provides maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve the strain on your eyes, neck and back.

Mounting enables you to get more screen or multiple screens on your desktops. And that makes Peerless-AV the Number One enabler of desktop productivity.
Peerless-AV gives you more ways to mount your choice of any number of monitor and tablets in any office, hospital, or hospitality setting. All models are ergonomically designed for optimum screen placement and many include features such as smooth motion articulating arms for the easiest height, depth and tilt adjustment contributing to reduced eye and neck strain.

with models capable of supporting up to 4 screens on a single mount. Installation is quick and easy, securing a display with a quick release mechanism, whilst many models include internal cable management for a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Take the LCT620AD, for example. For 12" to 30" Flat Panel Displays, it offers two desk assemblies in one box, with both desk clamp and grommet supplied for the desk mounting solution the user prefers.

With LCT620AD dual display mount and its flexible articulating arms, you can easily set the height of the display into a comfortable viewing position. A quick release mechanism instantly secures the display.

Raise or lower the displays, extend out, tilt forward and back, pan and rotate for portrait and landscape viewing. You can do it all.

For 20" to 30" flat panel displays, the Quad-Monitor Desktop & Grommet Mounts LCZ-4F430B and LCZ-4F4G30B support four 30" displays on a 35.4" (900mm) crossbar, giving you more "screen power" as well as more workspace.

The Research that ties productivity to the size and number of screens available to your desktop has been known for some time. Gradually, both size and number of screens is increasing on a per desktop basis across EMEA.

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About Peerless-AV
Peerless-AV, a Peerless Industries, Inc. company, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Made-in-the-USA audio-visual solutions. Our innovative product line includes flat panel mounts, projector mounts, wireless technology, motorized mount solutions, audio cables, video cables, interactive kiosks, AV furniture, AV racks, AV shelves, precision gear products, surge protection, screen cleaning products and a full assortment of accessories. A 70-year-old global company, Peerless-AV has remained at the forefront of the industry, creating new AV technologies that push the envelope and provide ideal solutions to meet the needs of the consumer and pro markets, alike. Peerless-AV manufactures over 3,600 products that serve original equipment manufacturers, commercial integrators and consumer retailers in 28 vertical markets worldwide through direct sales representatives and authorised distribution. For more information, visit

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