Restructured pricing and new "MiniMote" help residential dealers sell AMX into more system categories

Campbell, California - April 2, 2012 -

AMX-based package software maker CineTouch today announced reduced and restructured pricing designed to make the solution more attractive for systems of any size. The most dramatic price reductions are for smaller systems which have been cut by as much as 56%, helping dealers to offer an AMX solution in every price range. The new pricing affordably scales all the way up to a 50 room distributed video system with environmental control, security, and a host of options that can be added at any time without reprogramming.

As part of the price reduction effort, the CineTouch "MiniMote" is a brand new offering for small AMX panels as well as Apple and Android phones and tablets. Tailored to a small format in either portrait or landscape mode, the simplified controls offer a customizable UI to supplement any system at a price much lower than a full size panel.

"We've seen market pressures leading our dealers to only show AMX and CineTouch for high-budget proposals. They offer other-brands of less powerful and less flexible control systems when they suspect that price is a limitation. That gives customers mixed messages about the value of a better system, sells underbuilt systems that are hard to upgrade later, reduces dealer margins, and requires expertise in multiple product lines," said Russ Maynard, CineTouch CEO and head of sales. "To help our dealers to offer AMX-based systems at every price point, we took $500 off the top of our software's suggested retail price, reduced the incremental costs of most UI devices, and created a new class of reduced-price interface. The new MiniMote bridges the gap between simple remotes and a larger touch panel."

John Nagy, CineTouch Director of Product Management and Support, added, "By helping to make smaller and simpler AMX systems more affordable, CineTouch helps dealers offer upgradable systems instead of less capable, low margin control systems. Selling AMX and CineTouch at every level is smarter business, providing sustainable margins and an unlimited upgrade path for every customer, as well as consistent system installation and service."

Campbell, California-based GP Systems, Inc. offers CineTouch, a web-configurable software solution that empowers AMX dealers to design their own systems without programming or touch panel design, and install them in less than a day. In development for more than 10 years and now in release version 8.3, CineTouch offers unmatched flexibility in device control, panel appearance, and personalization in addition to its ease of deployment. CineTouch software costs less than custom programming and enables a lifetime of easy change and upgrades. Since the costs and results are known before purchase, dealers can give customers accurate quotes and know that jobs will install on time and stay in budget.

Each member of the family can dynamically personalize their CineTouch experience as they use the system. A built-in relational database learns individualized navigation styles, depth of control complexity, and panel appearance choices made right on the panels. Diverse customer demands can be met immediately, and preferences and permissions can be continuously revised by the customer anytime they wish.

Richardson, Texas based AMX is universally regarded as a leader in high-end residential and commercial control hardware. AMX systems are found in the most elite offices of government, national security, and educational facilities around the world. Vice President of U.S. Residential Sales, Blake Jackson, said, "AMX systems meet the most complex and demanding requirements for custom systems. For years, CineTouch has provided a way for residential dealers to tap that power without custom programming. AMX is pleased to see our longtime partner CineTouch helping our dealers compete profitably with AMX in every system they sell. The scalable and upgradable philosophy that AMX embraces in our new ENOVA Digital Media Switchers is perfectly reflected in the CineTouch design for future-proof software."

In addition to comprehensive entertainment management, CineTouch offers highly featured options including interactive control of HVAC, lighting, pool and spa, shades, security, cameras, intercoms, and telephone systems. Features can be selected independently and added to a running system at any time without reprogramming. Support for all major brands and easy dealer-performed integration of new devices make CineTouch systems truly unlimited in size, combination, and future flexibility. Any AMX dealer can use CineTouch, and training is free. Contact CineTouch for more information.

About CineTouch
A division of GP Systems, Inc., a Campbell, CA home technology developer and AMX partner for over 15 years, CineTouch is award-winning control software for AMX that eliminates custom programming and touch panel design without sacrificing flexibility and appearance. Projects can be running in less than one day with CineTouch, and change and total personalization take only seconds right from touch panels, even by the user. Learn more at
Contact: Russ Maynard, CEO - CineTouch Control Software for AMX - +1-408-371-1845 -

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AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments. AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. AMX was founded in 1982 and is a member of the Duchossois Group of Companies. For more information, visit

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