Invisible speaker technology enables sustainable luxury living.

Innovative British Loudspeaker producer Amina Technologies, has this month launched its new Evolution series of Invisible Loudspeakers for clients wanting clean, uncluttered design lines in their homes, and a great sound beutifully filling every room.

The Evolution range builds upon its 12 year long history of creating discrete and invisible loudspeaker solutions for image conscious clients wanting audio to complement, not ruin, their interior design. The Evolution Range is the most significant upgrade to the well established AIW family since the first plaster over speakers were launched into the market in the mid "naughties".

Amina's products are based upon the concept of reproducing sound from a vibrating surface, just like that of a natural musical instrument. The company uses terms such as 'electronic tuning fork' and 'soundboard' (made from high tech composite materials) to describe its revolutionary, flat paneled products which are designed to be installed into walls or ceiling ahead of the final skim of plaster being applied. This invisible solution is perfect for historic and modern minimalist designs whether for stunningly beautiful residential homes or high end commercial facilities. The product is designed to replace a cut away section of plasterboard or drywall, and, once cables are in place, is extremely quick and simple to install either in a new build or in a retrofit renovation.

The new Evolution range features innovative technologies Amina has developed over the last three years to extend the bass response of the vibrational sound board loudspeaker and to lift the overall mid and high frequency balance to improve the clarity and presence of these devices, bringing them directly in to the territory of expensive tweeter based conventional speakers.

The mid and high power Evolution AIW350E and AIW550E products are now in full production. The AIW150E, suitable for reduced sound pressure applications such as bedrooms and bathrooms, will be available in May. The company expects to complete the range with a brand new high power flagship bi-wire model, the AIW750E, aimed at dedicated home cinema applications, by the end of the summer.

The first Evolution products are already being supplied into two high end multi-appointment developments. In both cases "dinner plate" ceiling speakers were selected for surround sound in the main living areas but such unsightly devices proved unpopular with prospective buyers. Once key project decision makers had heard the AIW350E, they had no hesitation in specifying these to provide the high clarity, room filling sound for their clients with zero visual intrusion upon the modern minimalist interior design.

One of Amina's greatest challenges in the market is awareness by the trade and the consumer that such a radical technology exists, and has been successfully applied for over a decade now.

As an example of the lengths to which the company goes to educate the consumer and generate pull for the trade, Amina has just returned from Toronto having equipped the entire Toronto Home show 'Dream Home' with its invisible speaker technology. This purpose built house is the central attraction at the show - the biggest exhibition of its kind in the whole of North America.

Using seven pairs of Evolution invisible speakers, Amina, together with long supporting dealer, Radiant Audio Design of Mississauga Ontario, created a whole house entertainment system fit for the most modern and eco friendly surroundings fashioned by the Dream Home design team. Every room has fully independent audio system fed from a single hidden (centrally located) amplifier system, making even the technology driving the speakers, invisible. This even extends to the full wet room where the Amina Invisible loudspeaker is embedded within a waterproof concrete ceiling structure.

As well as being totally unobtrusive, the Amina Invisible loudspeakers are particularly sustainable devices. Because of the way they produce and radiate sound, fewer devices are required to fill a large space, less electrical power is therefore required to fill the space with sound. Perhaps most importantly of all, walls or ceilings are simply redecorated and furniture changed or re-covered to transform a room to keep up with changing fashions with no need to change the speakers.

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