Industry's first Smart Appliance App and Smart Appliance Module bring appliance diagnostics, text alerts and control to today's kitchen.

Technology is affording homeowners the ability to monitor and control everything in their home anywhere, at any time

Salt Lake City, UT - April 9, 2012 - Control4, a leader in affordable IP-based home control systems, announces the availability of the new Smart Appliance App and Smart Appliance Module, developed by Card Access for Sub-Zero, Inc., and Wolf Appliance, Inc.,the industry leaders in premium refrigeration and cooking equipment. The Smart Appliance App and Smart Appliance Module for Control4® systems are now available through the Control4 dealer network.

"Today's mobile devices are aiding mainstream adoption of connected home technology," said Susan Cashen, senior vice president of marketing for Control4. "Technology is affording homeowners the ability to monitor and control everything in their home anywhere, at any time. With Control4® technology and the new Smart Appliance App and Smart Appliance Module from Card Access, our dealers have a solution for homeowners to monitor their Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, whether that's from another room in their home or miles away."

The Smart Appliance Module is engineered by Card Access using their high-performance wireless networking design capabilities combined with Control4 ZigBee® PRO mesh networking. Their unique combination of superior radio design, firmware and Control4® driver capabilities enables the Smart Appliance Module to easily and completely integrate into a Control4 system and enhance functionality of select Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances. All new Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator models and Wolf E-Series wall ovens are manufactured to accommodate the aftermarket installation of the new Smart Appliance Module. Existing models must be outfitted with the Module after receiving an update from a Sub-Zero and Wolf factory-certified service technician. The Smart Appliance App is downloadable for free to any Control4 system to allow homeowners to manage energy, create actionable alerts, and review appliance diagnostics.

"The Smart Appliance Module is a win for today's smart homeowner and the Control4 dealer," said Card Access CEO Kent Hansen. "By combining existing and new Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance features with the Control4 home automation platform, the Smart Appliance Module offers unprecedented control and interaction to today's homeowner. This combined effort by our companies is a major milestone and achievement for the smart appliance space."

From specific lifestyle needs and preferences such as increasing ice production prior to entertaining, to saving energy in vacation mode or choosing the Sabbath mode for religious observances, the Smart Appliance App allows homeowners to manage and control their appliances their way. The Smart Appliance App provides diagnostic efficiency and enhanced service support for connected appliances. The device provides Error Codes and alerts if any maintenance is needed, which the customer can then provide directly to Sub-Zero Wolf factory certified service. Consumers can receive notification for general service requests-including specific service codes-from the Control4 system, the Smart Appliance Module and the Smart Appliance app. Sending text/email notifications about general service requests to the consumer, a local Sub-Zero Wolf factory certified technician, and the Control4 Dealer can lead to quicker diagnosis and resolution of problems.

"Incorporating technology within our products reinforces our commitment to improving our customers' ownership experience," said Michele Bedard, vice president of marketing for Sub-Zero and Wolf. "Modern consumers are gravitating towards products that add convenience to their everyday routine and appliances with home automation technology do just that."

The Smart Appliance App is available for free in Control4's 4Store™ at The Smart Appliance Module is available exclusively through Control4's dealer network; please visit for more information.

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Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control over consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface. Founded in 2003, the company delivers affordable automation of lighting, music, video, thermostat, security, and energy management systems through more than 2,000 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 70 countries. With the most intelligent, open and affordable control solution on the market, Control4 is the platform of choice for major consumer electronics companies, residential homes, hotels, businesses and utilities that require an intelligent, open and affordable control solution. For more information visit

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Founded in 1995, Card Access, Inc. specializes in developing complex systems technologies and wireless communications products. World-class organizations in the home consumer, medical, military and telematics markets look to Card Access as a capable, reliable, proven and trusted development partner. Developing high-performance, low-power, miniaturized, mobilized and ruggedized wireless communications solutions, Card Access Home Automation products give dealers and installers greater convenience in providing more automation capabilities, and greater control and peace of mind for the home automation consumer. Card Access, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information visit

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Sub-Zero, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration, freezers and wine storage units, and it leads in product design with its built-in and integrated lines. Founded in 1945, Sub-Zero is a privately held company in its third generation of family ownership. Headquartered in Madison, Wis., Sub-Zero, Inc., also operates a manufacturing facility in Goodyear, Ariz., and has over 1,400 employees. Specializing in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of dual refrigeration and prides itself on being the first company to store frozen foods at ultralow, "sub-zero" temperatures. Wolf Appliance, Inc. is the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills and was among the first to introduce the convection oven into the residential market. It is based in a state-of-the-art production facility in Fitchburg, Wis., and employs more than 350 people. Both Sub-Zero and Wolf products are available throughout the United States and internationally. For more information about Sub-Zero and Wolf, please visit or, or call 800-222-7820. For guidance on how to incorporate energy- and cost-saving solutions into the kitchen, visit Sub-Zero and Wolf's

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