Pakedge Introduces Its P20 20-Port Power Distribution Unit at ISC West 2012

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Foster City, CA - At ISC West 2012, Pakedge Device & Software introduced its P20 20-Port Power Distribution Unit, designed to provide the highest degree of AC power protection and comprehensive on/off power startup and shutdown capabilities. Pakedge is debuting its P20 at ISC West 2012 at Booth 26144 at the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV (March 28 - 30, 2012).

The P20 has auto-ping and equipment reboot functionality. Simply connect a device to a specific outlet on the P20 and provide the P20 with the IP address of the device, and the P20 will ping the device every 15 seconds. If it does not receive a response, the P20 will automatically reboot the device. This provides "self-healing" network characteristics without the interaction of the dealer. For example, if a control processor, receiver or even connection to the Internet goes down, the P20 will sense this and reboot the device automatically. There is no need for dealer and client interaction or support. This saves the dealer a support call to the homeowner's residence. The P20 will also send an email to notify the dealer so they can inform the homeowner about the correction of the network.

The P20 features 20 AC outlets, making it ideal for use in larger-scale security installations and smart home networks. Each outlet can be individually turned on and off according to an automatically programmed startup/shutdown boot sequence, to ensure that connected devices will be safely powered up or shut down.

The Pakedge P20 can be remotely operated via access to a LAN (Local Area Network), giving users the option to turn specific AC outlets on and off and reboot equipment from a remote location. In addition, the P20 can be remotely operated using e-mail when access to the LAN is not available.

The P20 can be programmed to schedule power reboot events monthly, weekly or daily. It can also monitor AC power consumption and send a warning message when the aggregated AC draw from a system exceeds a pre-defined threshold.

The Pakedge P20 20-Port Power Distribution Unit will be available at the end of April 2012. Please contact for pricing.


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