Daktronics Provides Integrated Super System at Arena Ciudad de M©xico

The two key factors for us selecting Daktronics were quality and experience

BROOKINGS, S.D. - March 26, 2012 -Daktronics (Nasdaq - DAKT) has designed and built an integrated LED super system for Arena Ciudad de M©xico, M©xico City, that includes one of the world's largest centerhung displays supported by a Daktronics hoist system.

"The two key factors for us selecting Daktronics were quality and experience. Daktronics has a proven history of providing a superior product, with exceptional quality," said Guillermo Garza, CFO of Avalanz and Director of the Arena Ciudad de M©xico construction project.

Daktronics designed and manufactured the system for Arena Ciudad de M©xico that includes a large area display wrapping the facade of the building, two digital ribbon boards circling the inside of the arena and the large centerhung display configuration.

The centerhung configuration alone includes 12 LED video displays and measures approximately 13.9 m high x 23.8 m wide (46' x 78'), weighing approximately 68,000 kilograms (150,000 pounds). The two largest displays use 10 mm pixel technology and measure approximately 11.1 m high x 19.9 m wide (36'6" x 65'6"). There are also two square displays on the ends of the rectangular centerhung and eight additional displays, two each on the top and bottom of each side of the structure. The displays show dynamic live video, dazzling graphics, custom animation, full-color graphics and logos, up-to-the-minute sports statistics, timing and results information and more.

The main centerhung display is raised and lowered using a custom-designed Vortek® hoist system from Daktronics. This system, which incorporates the latest in hoisting technology and safety, supports the display at varying elevations depending on the venue's needs.

Complementing the primary centerhung scoreboard are two LED ribbon boards mounted on the interior fascia of the seating decks. The largest measures more than 361 meters (1184') in length and the second extends over 181 meters (594'). Daktronics LED displays are extremely popular with fans and sponsors alike because of their ability to present exciting motion graphics and real time content, including in-game statistics, out-of-town scores, closed captioning information, animation and video clips.

The exterior of the building features a display spanning approximately 29 m high x 209 m wide (93'6" x 686') utilizing ProPixel® LED stick elements. This unique technology is mounted on the exterior of the building above an open-air concourse area. These full-color LED strips allow for great visibility and image clarity for those viewers in front of the display, while allowing those behind the display to see through it.

Daktronics' powerful new Show Control System is front and center in the video control room. Its robust software suite allows users to design, edit and produce an endless variety of colorful digital content and instantly deliver clips to the displays throughout the venue.

Daktronics partnered with Publitronics, a M©xico-based, company to provide a turnkey solution for Arena Ciudad de M©xico. "The customer wanted a very reliable and robust system using the highest quality integrated products, which they were confident Daktronics and Publitronics could deliver," said Constancio Leal, Owner, Publitronics. "Daktronics and Publitronics were able to provide the turnkey solution the customer was looking for."
About Arena Ciudad de M©xico
Arena Ciudad de M©xico, located in the northern section of M©xico City, opened recently. The venue will host concerts as well as sporting events and other entertainment events. The arena is equipped with the latest audio and video technology, including the unique architectural lighting from Daktronics on its faƧade. The property includes 124 luxury suites on three levels, private access and heliports, and 5,000 parking spaces. Additional information can be found online at: http://www.arenaciudaddemexico.com.

For more information regarding Daktronics display technology and recent projects please visit the company's website at www.daktronics.com.

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