Emotiva Takes High Performance, Feature-Packed Multichannel Pre-amplification to New (And Affordable) Levels

New XMC-1 Preamp/Processor Offers True 7.2-channel Decoding, TacT Dynamic Room Correction, Plus A Wide Array Of Top-Shelf Features

FRANKLIN, TN, March 22, 2012- Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company whose passion for impeccable sound and unrivaled value is epitomized in every product bearing its name, is now preparing the XMC-1 preamp/processor for Summer 2012 release. As the first product of a new generation of high-performance digital audio products developed under the guidance of legendary digital systems architect Ray Dennison, the XMC-1 represents a technological milestone for Emotiva, and a new high-water mark for feature-rich, audiophile-caliber, multichannel pre-amplification at an affordable price.

Emotiva-XMC-1 FRONT_liverender_lightsAt the heart of the XMC-1 are two powerful 32 bit, dual core, floating point digital signal processors controlled by an advanced ARM processor running under custom Linux software, providing more than enough processing horsepower to decode all of the latest high-resolution multi-channel audio formats, with true 7.2-channel decoding, including separate level, distance, and EQ controls for stereo subwoofers and summed LFE.

To ensure that every one of those 7.2 channels sounds its best in any room, the XMC-1 also features the acclaimed TacT® TCS 3e Theater Dynamic Room Correction system-a proprietary version of the advanced room correction system found in TacT's TCS Mk III surround sound processor, developed exclusively for Emotiva. Far more than a mere set-it-and-forget-it automated equalization system, the TacT TCS 3e allows listeners a perfectly adjusted and personalized audio experience at the push of a button. Also included is the ability customize the systems frequency response and characteristics "on the fly", while listening to music or watching movies. This feature allows the customer to compare the before and after results and make adjustments to personal taste.

The TacT® Theater Dynamic Room Correction system adjusts the system response to a specific target curve and then applies a sophisticated loudness compensation algorithm that dynamically adjusts the tonal balance of the system based on volume. The result is exceptional sound reproduction, at all listening levels.

Along with the highly advanced TacT® Theater Dynamic Room Correction system, the user has the option to manually set independent crossover frequencies for the center, fronts, surrounds, back, and subwoofers channels, select independent or global multi-band parametric equalization, independently variable EQ frequency and crossover slope rates by channel groupings - all of which are accessible on a computer-based user interface accessible via the XMC-1's back-panel Ethernet control port.

"The inclusion of TacT Dynamic Room Correction is a beautiful example of what we set out to accomplish with the XMC-1," says Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva. "Rather than settling for 'good enough' by merely taking what we had developed in the UMC-1 and building upon it, we went back to the drawing board and designed a truly original, world-class instrument, that will stand the test of time, with features and capabilities never imagined at this price point."

In addition to seven HDMI 1.4 inputs and one HDMI 1.4 output (3D and 4K compatible), the XMC-1 also boasts four optical and four coaxial digital audio inputs; balanced and unbalanced stereo audio inputs, two USB Type A ports, which facilitate FLAC, WAV, AAC, and MP3 audio streaming, a USB Type B port for high bitrate lossless audio streaming, and a 3.5mm headphone output driven by a dedicated Texas Instruments DirectPath® Stereo Headphone Amplifier.

The impressive multi-channel and streaming audio processing capabilities of the XMC-1 are counterbalanced by features such selectable pure direct audio pass-through with no additional processing of 2.0-, 5.1-, and 7.2-channel audio sources, as well as pure direct audio processing of SACD's DSD audio.

Emotiva has designed the XMC-1 to be current and technologically relevant for years to come. Its Ethernet connectivity makes the processor easier to update than ever before, and Emotiva is committed to continuously developing and expanding upon the capabilities and features of the XMC-1, making the XMC-1 a lasting investment.

The Emotiva XMC-1 will be available this summer for $1499, exclusively at www.emotiva.com. To sweeten the deal, customers who participate in Emotiva's Processor Upgrade Program can buy their XMC-1 for 40% off when it goes on sale. Those who buy the XMC-1 will also receive a new Processor Upgrade Certificate good for 40% off a future generation processor.

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