SRS Labs' All New MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPhone Music Player Apps Hit iTunes App Store

SRS and Hip Hop Artist, Murs, Collaborate to Launch New Music Player Apps; Users Can Enter to Win 1 of 3 Brand New iPads Featuring MyTunes Pro HD

SANTA ANA, Calif.--SRS Labs (NASDAQ:SRSL), the industry leader in surround sound, audio enhancement, and voice post-processing technologies, announced today that it has released MyTunes Pro HD™, the most advanced, feature-rich, audio enhancing music player application ever developed for the iPad®. Building upon the feature set of the original MyTunes™ music player app for iPod® and iPhone®, SRS' all new MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPhone and iPod pack an impressive array of advanced new features that allow the user to take back control of how their music library sounds.

"Music plays an important role in every culture and is an integral piece of who we are as people. Music helps lift our spirits, express our emotions, and reminds us of the important moments of our lives, so, why would anybody want to hold their music back from its full potential?" said Allen H. Gharapetian, Senior Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs. "We designed MyTunes Pro HD to not only restore fidelity and quality to music so that it sounds closer to the original studio recording, but to also put the user in complete control of how their music sounds. We are confident that MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro will ignite the senses like never before and cause users to fall in love with their digital music library all over again."

MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro are designed to redefine the expectations and capabilities associated with playing lossless and compressed digital music on the i-devices. The apps seamlessly pull music, podcast and audio book files from the iTunes® music library stored on the device, but what these apps do with those files is what makes them remarkably different from any other music player on the App Store today. In addition to being powerful, full function music player apps, MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro feature a robust mix of advanced SRS audio processing technologies, as well as offer a generous selection of innovative features, such as workout and party mixers, which allow users to fully customize their listening experience to match their mood or activities.

Features of MyTunes Pro and MyTunes Pro HD include:

*SRS WOW HD™ Processing: Restores the natural tonality and spatial characteristics of recorded audio, making music sound as if the listener is in the same room as the artist
*Fully adjustable 10-band EQ with presets or a simple 3-knob tone control: Offers users complete personalization of audio playback
*SRS bass sculpting technology: Provides deeper, booming bass from headphones and speakers
*Listening device presets: Provides custom tailored enhancement tunings to deliver optimal clarity and detail based on user selected headphones or speaker type
*Volume normalization: Utilizes SRS' award-winning TruVolume technology to maintain a consistent listening volume regardless of the music played
*Party Mode: Simply select a playlist and the app will reorganize them to fit your party style
*Workout Mode: The app automatically adjust your music to fit the intensity of your workout
*Speed Control: Lets users speed up or slow down the speed of their podcasts and audio books with no detrimental effect on the pitch and tone of the voice
*Airplay® Support: Provides the ability to send MyTunes enhanced music files to any Airplay enabled device, maintaining MyTunes improved sound quality
*Advanced drilldown search: Provides a simple way to navigate through substantial music collections, allowing users to find songs with ease
*Special driving mode: Optimizes the GUI for ease of use and minimal distraction (MyTunes Pro only)
*DJ-style transitions: Offers the full experience of having a live DJ mix the user's playlist

"When I'm done putting tracks together in the studio, my hope is that my fans get to hear them exactly the way I recorded them, but that's not always possible," said Murs, Hip Hop Artist and Entrepreneur. "When I listen to music, I want to hear every detail of every track I listen to, which is why I have literally dropped thousands of dollars on headphones trying to get that perfect sound from my music when I'm on the go. Finally, the search is over because I just discovered this new app for my iPad called MyTunes Pro HD, which brings me much closer to that perfect sound that I have been looking for. When the app plays my music collection, it feels like layers of audio and details that normally get buried somewhere in the mix are uncovered, allowing me to hear my tracks and other music the way they were meant to be heard and, as a musician, I appreciate that very much and I'm excited about this amazing app for doing what it does."

MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPod and iPhone can both be downloaded for FREE from the iTunes® App Store. Users will enjoy the fully functioning music player to listen to their music library and will also be able sample the advanced features for a limited time each day until they decide to fully unlock the app's advanced features via a one-time in-app purchase. iPhone / iPod version - $6.99; iPad version - $9.99

To commemorate the launch of MyTunes Pro and MyTunes Pro HD, SRS is hosting a sweepstakes giving people who have downloaded either version of the app a chance to win one of three brand new Apple iPads featuring the fully unlocked version of MyTunes Pro HD. To learn more, please visit

For more information about this announcement, SRS or our technologies, please contact us at or visit us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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