Smart Homes Take Off in 2012; Vivint Poised to Lead

Pricing, Ease and Mobile Connectivity Fuel Consumer Adoption; Vivint's Unique Sales, Service and Payment Model Enjoys Early Success

PROVO, Utah--With a slew of major brands entering the home automation market in 2011, and more jumping on board in the early weeks of the new year, smart home technologies are making their way to mainstream consumers at an unprecedented pace.

"Until recently, home automation was too expensive and complicated to make sense for the majority of consumers," said Jonathan Gaw, research manager of IDC connected home division. "Over the last few years, massive changes in technology, pricing, and smartphone use have created opportunities that are attracting companies from a variety of industries. All the ingredients are in place for this sector to see strong growth in the coming years."

Companies ranging from telecommunications, consumer technology and home improvement have announced plans to begin offering home automation services to consumers. However, most of these vendors have yet to launch full packages, and even fewer have existing customers using smart home features.

In February 2011, Vivint™ added a Home Automation package to its existing security and energy management offerings. Currently more than 50 percent of new Vivint customers are using at least one home automation feature, making it one of the largest home automation companies in North America.

"Residential home security companies are well-positioned to move aggressively into areas that benefit from consistent, high-touch customer sales, installation, and configuration such as home monitoring, control and automation," continued Gaw.

"Our years of experience in delivering home security to consumers has enabled a seamless and successful evolution into home automation," said Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen. "Vivint's consultative sales approach, in-house installation and service team, and innovative payment plans have been an ideal platform for introducing customers to the benefits of home automation. The recent entry of well-known consumer brands into this industry will only increase general awareness and adoption of smart home technologies. With our experience and infrastructure already in place, Vivint is well positioned to continue to be one of the leading home automation companies in the industry."

Vivint offers a full range of home security, energy management and smart home features, including cameras, motion and safety sensors, lighting and small appliance controls, a smart thermostat, and electronic door locks. Customers can a receive alerts and control features remotely from a computer or a mobile device.

About Vivint

Vivint Inc. is a leading provider of home technology services in North America. Vivint's technology-based platform integrates a wide range of wireless features and components that deliver simple, affordable home automation, solar, and smart grid solutions. In 2011, Vivint's Full Home Automation package and Advanced Security package received a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" rating. Dedicated to protecting families, increasing energy efficiency, and simplifying lives, Vivint has more than 12 years of experience and supports over 570,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit the company's website at

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