Regal 1940's-era movie palace reinvented as leading edge live events venue through major AV upgrade

Originally established in 1947 with the distinction of being the first movie palace to be constructed in New Orleans following the Depression era's period of economic decline, the Joy Theater is one of the few remaining examples of a post-war movie palace.

"To reopen the Joy successfully, flexibility and advanced technology had to be key components. Digital Projection's TITAN Quad projectors open the doors to film festivals, corporate presentations, private parties and so much more."
-Sandie McNamara, director of marketing, Joy Theater

Atlanta, GA (3-20-2012) - Originally established in 1947 with the distinction of being the first movie palace to be constructed in New Orleans following the Depression era's period of economic decline, the Joy Theater is one of the few remaining examples of a post-war movie palace. Recently, the Joy's historical pedigree was given a future-focused boost in the form of a comprehensive facilities update that included bold upgrades to the theater's audiovisual capabilities. Under the guidance of PSX Audiovisual Technologies, the Joy Theater now contains cutting-edge entertainment components that set it above and beyond other venues in the region.

The Joy Theater's newest incarnation contains a compelling juxtaposition of past and future. Insistent on choosing only leading edge audio and video solutions, the Joy Theater's owners approached the update with a very future-focused perspective. Visitors to the Joy will immediately notice the commitment to preserving the architectural flourishes found in such a historic venue. However, the incredible imaging and audio experiences delivered within the theater immediately remind visitors that they are in an exceedingly capable venue. This respect for the past, tempered with a commitment to delivering a very advanced audiovisual experience, makes the Joy Theater all the more compelling.

As the Joy's heritage was built on showcasing Hollywood's golden era in grand scale, dazzling imagery was always an integral piece of the update. An expansive 32'6" W x 22'6" D x 4' H stage area presented the opportunity to employ multiple screens, as opposed to a single image. After significant research and an on-site demonstration, three of Digital Projection International's newly launched TITAN Quad 1080p-3D projectors were selected to drive the imagery for all three screens. The three Draper screens include one center 27' diagonal screen bookended by two 13.5' surfaces. Accenting the imagery is an assortment of JBL Cinema Series and Vertec audio equipment. A Crestron Digital Media system handles all aspects of video transport and control for the venue.

The TITAN Quad projection systems provided solutions to specific venue concerns. Namely, the projectors needed to be extremely bright, yet run quietly with minimal heat output as they had to be installed in an open area, directly above the audience. Delivering 16,000 lumens of remarkable image brightness, DPI's TITAN Quad projectors are exceedingly efficient for such powerful displays. Their innovative four-lamp illumination system produces less heat, and as a result, the system employs smaller fans, thus generating far less fan noise than previously possible.

Additionally, the four lamp system allows the projectors to produce compelling imagery at all times, even in the unlikely case where a lamp expires during the middle of a production. This redundancy is essential in live performances where it is not practical to take a projector off-line for lamp swaps or maintenance. Ed Vigueira, systems engineer for PSX, highlighted this valuable detail, commenting, "The Quad's multiple lamp system ensures that, even if you happen to lose a lamp, the show goes on."

Because of the system updates, the Joy Theater has now been transformed from a movie theater to a fully equipped live venue. "When the theater was built in 1947, movies were the big game in entertainment," commented Sandie McNamara, director of marketing for the Joy Theater. "As part of the planning process, consumer wants and needs were taken into account." McNamara continued, "Entertainment today means so many things -- live music, comedy, movies, presentations, dinner -- there is a tremendous amount of competition." Today, the Joy is primarily using the projectors to display IMAG events and Scala-managed digital signage content. But this is only the beginning of their plans, as, per Ed Vigueira of PSX, "DPI's Quads allow the Joy Theater to pursue live simulcast events, film festivals, traveling exhibits and a world of other future growth opportunities."

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