CAYIN Digital Signage System Increases Involvement for Taipei Fuhsing Private School

Taipei Fuhsing Private School, a popular choice for children of Taipei's celebrities, successfully deployed CAYIN's digital signage system to manage TV walls, increase involvement, and create a timely paperless information channel.

Taipei Fuhsing Private School, a popular choice for children of Taipei's celebrities, successfully deployed CAYIN's digital signage system to increase involvement and create a timely paperless information channel.

The unique part of this case is using SMP-WEBDUO to manage a multi-screen digital signage. It becomes a popular way for schools in Taiwan to deploy a TV wall within limited budgets.

Fuhsing Private School installs a TV wall near the main entrance of the school. Students and faculty can always watch campus updates whenever they pass by the gate. It is also a great medium for the school to promote student achievements and, at the same time, to foster parental involvement when they pick up their children, waiting at the main entrance.

The TV wall is composed of 6 pieces of 42 inch high brightness industrial LCD screens. One CAYIN SMP-WEBDUO digital signage player is all you need to manage rich multimedia playback on the TV wall.

Based on the same system structure, the school installs another 3x3 TV wall in the auditorium. Messages can therefore reach students clearly and magnify engagement during all kinds of activities and ceremonies.

In addition to the entrance and auditorium, Fuhsing also installs 9 pieces of 32 inch LCD screens in the cafeteria where students gather around every day. Managed centrally by CAYIN SMP-WEB4 digital signage player, these screens can be widely used to announce school's policies, promote academic seminars, and recognize outstanding performances of students and the faculty.

CAYIN's digital signage players are equipped with powerful remote managerial functions. The sophisticated solution can minimize the administrator's workload. Screens can be turned on and off automatically based on a pre-set schedule. Administrators can easily check the system status on a web-based user interface and perform troubleshooting remotely.

CAYIN's digital signage players support the most popular web languages and multimedia formats. Therefore, the school can broadcast real-time chorus performances, sports games, field trip pictures, wall of fame, emergency messages, and many other kinds of video, Flash, HTML, ticker, and image files as they wish. All contents can be updated easily via network.

Located in downtown Taipei City, Taipei Fuhsing Private School is a famous private school in Taiwan. Since 1968, the school has enjoyed an outstanding reputation based on high academic achievement and a complete and well-balanced education. It's a popular choice for children of Taipei's celebrities to study from kindergarten all the way up to senior high school (grade 12).

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