The World's Largest High Definition 3D LCD Screen Launched by TCL

TCL Corporation, has developed the world's largest 110-inch 4X full high definition (HD) 3D liquid crystal display (LCD) screen

March 9th, Beijing - Shenzhen-based China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd., a subsidiary of a world leader in the consumer electronics industry, TCL Corporation, has developed the world's largest 110-inch 4X full high definition (HD) 3D liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, adding another positive footnote to the innovative spirit of TCL Corporation. At the launching ceremony in Beijing on March 9th, TCL donated two of the screens to the Great Hall of the People for public display.

"The successful launch of the world's largest 110-inch screen once again proved TCL's research and development capabilities," Li Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation said at the launching ceremony, "Not only will TCL benefit from the development of this breakthrough technology, all TV manufacturers in China and overseas, will be able to capitalize on this revolutionary product design.

This revolutionary technology is named "China Star" and has made China the third country to have successfully developed high-end display technology, behind Japan and South Korea.

China Star technology utilizes the most-advanced specifications in China today including4xHD resolution 4Kx2K (4,096x2,160 pixels) panels, active 3D technology, multi-touch technology, intelligent and dynamic backlight technology, ultra-high brightness of 800nits, and 92% NTSC color gamut.

These specifications represent the highest standards in the industry currently.

The screen display area measures 3.34 square meters, the largest in the world and the product is equipped with the company's self-developed Fine Stereo Performance (FSP) technology application.

"The launch of the China Stardisplay screen solidifies TCL's internationally competitive edge, and allows TCL to have a greater impact on the flat panel display market," said Gu Zhihua, director of the flat panel display center at Fudan University.

Major breakthroughs in technology have been achieved including the use ofhigh-end lithography, oversized partial affixed technology and advanced backlight techniques. As a result, the high-end lithography process is stable and the high-chroma display technology is truly innovative, according toMr. He Chengming, CEO of China Star Optoelectronics Technology.

Concurrently, the China Star technology is in line with industry trends and consumer demands. With the unprecedented size of the display screen, touch technology and 4Kx2K resolution, consumers will be able to truly immerse themselves in the viewing experience, enjoying realistic life-size images, which is totally unique from traditional TV displays.

China Star is another good example of TCL's innovative spirit, which has been highlighted by Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Corporation, stating that TCL has demonstrated its ability to put new ideas into action and has shown the global giants in the field that they are more than capable of having a competitive edge now and in the future.

The implications for TCL's newest large screen technology, for not only its customers but for the entire field of 3D HD displays are numerous. Continued advancements in quality equate to continued customer satisfaction and will ensure TCL's position as a true global player in this industry.

"China will replace Japan and South Korea as the world leader in TV display screens in terms of manufacturing and R&D in three to five years, and will provide a higher level of quality and more cost-effective products to the global community." Gu concluded.

TCL:An Emerging Power in China's Wave of Globalization

TCL stands for "The Creative Life," a slogan that represents TCL's aspirations for building one of China's most innovative and resourceful enterprises.

Founded in 1981, TCL is one of the largest consumer electronics enterprises in China with a global presence. TCL Corporation has three listed companies: TCL Corporation (SZ.000100), TCL Multimedia (HK.1070) and TCL Communication (HK.2618). Currently, TCL Corporation has set up four business units - TCL Multimedia Holdings, TCL Communication Holdings, China Star Optoelectronics Technology and TCL Home Appliances Group, as well as six business groups - System Technology Unit, Techne Group, Emerging Business Group, Investment Group, Logistic & Service Group and Real Estate Group.

Over 30 years of consistently diligent efforts along with China's reform and opening-up policy, motivated by the company's focus on dedication and innovation, TCL has grown into a leading enterprise in China's electronics information industry. In 1999, TCL began forging its path into the globalized market. After years of promoting its brands in the emerging markets and partnering with well-established brands in the European and American markets, TCL is now the pioneer in the drive for Chinese enterprises seeking both domestic and international recognition.

Thanks to TCL's philosophy of independent innovation, the company has many outstanding achievements and many "firsts" in China: the first wireless land-line telephone, the first 28 inch color TV, the first diamond-inlaid mobile phone, the first Chinese-made dual-core processor laptop computer and other innovative products.

TCL employs more than 60,000 people and has more than 40 sales offices around the world, selling products under TCL umbrella including TCL's own television sets and mobile phones as well as Thomson televisions and Alcatel mobile phones. In 2011, TCL Corporation achieved global sales of RMB 60.834 billion, with a sales volume of 10.86 million LCD TV sets and 43.61million handsets globally.

TCL Corporation has established R&D centers and more than ten R&D branches in China, U.S.A., France and Singapore and owns 20 manufacturing bases globally, in China, Poland, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam.

In 2011, the brand value of TCL had exceeded RMB 50.118 billion, continuing to hold the No. 1 TV brand position in China today.

TCL's vision is to build the most creative Chinese brand name in ten years. TCL aims to implement the "Three Capacities, One System" concept, which represents a combination of three capacities, featuring design, quality and marketing and a consumer insight system.

Looking forward to the future,TCL has drawn up two strategic development targets: first, to build a respected global leading enterprise and second, to offer customers only the most innovative and creative products.

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