MaxLinear Launches Low Power, Full-Spectrum Capture Cable Receivers for Data and Video Applications

MaxLinear's Full-Spectrum Capture™ Receivers Achieve Industry's Lowest Power Consumption of Under 90 Milliwatts Per Channel ---- MxL265 and MxL267 Reduce Complexity of Transitioning Cable Platforms to Hybrid and All IP-based Systems

CARLSBAD, Calif.--MaxLinear Inc., (NYSE: MXL) a leading provider of highly integrated radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits for broadband communication applications, today announced the MxL265 and MxL267, its industry-leading 40nm CMOS single-chip 16-channel and 24-channel digital cable front-end receivers based on the company's proprietary Full-Spectrum Capture (FSCTM) technology.

"New tuners that can capture the full 1GHz of cable spectrum, such as MaxLinear's Full-Spectrum Capture receivers, give set-top box manufacturers the ability to deliver these whole home entertainment features in a cost- and power-efficient way."

To meet the ever increasing consumer demand for media and data content, cable operators need additional channel tuning capacity and downstream bandwidth in gateways and set-top boxes to enable expanded services at home. Capturing the full 1 Gigahertz (GHz) cable spectrum, both the MxL265 and MxL267 FSC receivers enable cable operators to meet this consumer demand through flexible deployment of downstream bandwidth while migrating to high capacity DOCSIS 3.0 voice and IP data gateways, home media gateways, and hybrid or IP-based set-top boxes.

"Our research shows great growth in the market for hybrid set-top boxes, driven in large part by cable subscribers demanding gateways that can deliver more content into and throughout the home," said Jeff Heynen, Directing Analyst for Broadband Access and Video for Infonetics. "New tuners that can capture the full 1GHz of cable spectrum, such as MaxLinear's Full-Spectrum Capture receivers, give set-top box manufacturers the ability to deliver these whole home entertainment features in a cost- and power-efficient way."

As cable operators offer greater bandwidth services to meet consumer demand for content, MaxLinear's proprietary FSC technology replaces the need for several discrete single-channel cable tuners in a gateway or a set-top box with just one broadband multi-channel receiver. The MxL265 and MxL267 devices are capable of simultaneously receiving any combination of 16 or 24 channels, respectively, located arbitrarily inside the cable spectrum. As a result, MaxLinear's FSC cable receivers significantly reduce the power consumption in a gateway or a set-top box, minimize PCB footprint, eliminate expensive external RF components, and simplify design of customer platforms requiring multiple channel access. The MxL265 and MxL267 deliver this scalable downstream bandwidth while supporting eight channels for upstream interactive services.

"We are very excited about our industry leading true single-chip 16-channel and 24-channel DOCSIS 3.0 receivers for video and data applications," said Brian Sprague, MaxLinear's Vice President and General Manager for Broadband and Consumer Products. "With their incredibly low power consumption, superior integration and small footprint, the MxL265 and MxL267 set the benchmark for simplicity, size and power savings in upcoming gateway and set-top box products. As cable operators migrate to advanced IP-based platforms, our family of Full-Spectrum Capture receivers will not only facilitate more efficient distribution of video and IP services, but will also result in significant power and cost savings in gateway and set-top box designs."

Technical Highlights

MxL265 and MxL267 each offer a monolithic digital cable front-end with integrated LNA and signal conditioning functions combined with a Full-Spectrum Capture receiver. In full 16-channel receive mode of operation, the MxL265 consumes less than 110milliwatts (mW) per channel. Likewise, the MxL267 consumes less than 90mW per channel in full 24-channel receive mode. The extremely low power consumption of these devices eliminates the need for expensive heat removal components such as fans, heat shields and heat sinks inside customer equipment.

Furthermore, both the MxL265 and MxL267 can be used in an ultra-low power "battery backup/green" mode, consuming only 400mW total, while still meeting cable operator voice call and standby time requirements upon loss of power to the home. The chips also feature real time full-spectrum power-level reporting with no interruption of service, and enable fast channel change implementations in video systems.

The low power consumption and the power control flexibility of MaxLinear's Full-Spectrum Capture devices enable compliance with the requirements of Energy Star and the European Code of Conduct for Digital TV Services and Broadband Equipment for both standby and operating modes. Both solutions exceed requirements for DOCSIS and video applications, including the stringent test scenarios under SCTE40 plant loading and impairment conditions.

The MxL265 16-channel and the MxL267 24-channel solutions are pin-to-pin compatible in a standard 7mm X 7mm QFN package. Both these devices support the processing of DOCSIS and video channels, enabling gateway and set-top box manufacturers to minimize costs by utilizing the same system design and software for different market segments.

Both devices support serial interfaces to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, and have an integrated single channel tuner with a dedicated IF output for low power operation.


Customer samples of the MxL265 and MxL267 are available now with volume production in Q3 2012. Additional FSC devices from MaxLinear will be optimized to support cable operator rollout of other DOCSIS and video segments. Contact MaxLinear for ordering information.

About MaxLinear, Inc.

MaxLinear, Inc. is a leading provider of radio-frequency and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for broadband communication applications. MaxLinear is located in Carlsbad, California, and its address on the Internet is

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