Smartenit Delivers RainBee16, the First ZigBee® Based Irrigation Controller

Residential and commercial irrigation can now be remotely controlled and monitored thanks to Smartenit's RainBee16 wireless irrigation controller. This first device of its kind uses the ZigBee home automation (HA) profile to allow for control and monitoring of an irrigation system of up to 16 zones.

San Juan Capistrano, California, March 05, 2012, Cost-effective remote control and monitoring of residential and commercial irrigation systems is now possible thanks to Smartenit's RainBee16. The device is the first in its class to use the ZigBee wireless protocol home automation (HA) profile to permit convenient management of irrigation systems of up to 16 zones/valves. The device is flexible, multi-featured and expandable. For large systems, multiple devices can be joined to a single controller and managed by the same application. Up to four separate customizable program sequences can be set and invoked with single commands from the ZigBee controller. Zones can be set to run from one second to over three and one-half hours with user programmable failsafe timers. These and many other features give a myriad of choices and great flexibility to accommodate most irrigation needs.

Controlling irrigation from anywhere provides the ability to manage water consumption, avoiding over or under-watering to optimize plant life, and to give peace of mind. The right amount of water at the best time can make all the difference in lawn or garden care, whether in a yard, golf course or orchard. When conditions change, a simple command sent from a computer or portable smart device can turn on, off, or change a programmable sequence. Parks, golf courses, schools, managed communities, etc. can benefit from remotely managed sprinkler controllers that integrate with soil moisture and water flow sensors to optimize irrigation.

The RainBee16 uses a ZigBee radio to communicate wirelessly with a controller, or gateway, giving the user real-time information about the status of the system. A user can see at a glance which zone is active and have the ability to control or change the programming from wherever they are using the Internet or through a smart application. Smartenit has developed the Harmony Platinum Gateway to work seamlessly with the RainBee16, even allowing for software updates over the air. This is an ideal solution for primary and secondary residences, as well as for managed communities and landscape companies seeking a quicker response to changing weather conditions or to installation issues such as leaking valves or broken piping.

Smartenit has already launched a wide array of ZigBee devices (formerly under the brand SimpleHomeNet) in a short amount of time. Their quick speed to market is partly due to their years of experience in the home automation space delivering thousands of INSTEON based products. "Building upon what we have already accomplished in home automation and our streamlined product development process helps us tremendously to be among the first to get ZigBee products into the hands of consumers", states Justin Samuel, manager of customer relations. The company originated from a need for an irrigation solution that could be controlled from anywhere. "Adding a ZigBee solution in this area is huge for us", says president and founder, Al Choperena. "We expect it to enlarge our business into more commercial applications because of the almost limitless expandability of a ZigBee network."

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