Stardraw Design 7 Generates Record Results

The first is that SD7 was Highly Commended in the Most InAVative Commercial AV Accessory category of the InAVate Awards at ISE in February

Following the launch last year of their latest system design/documentation tool, Stardraw Design 7, software provider has reported a number of significant milestones. The first is that SD7 was Highly Commended in the Most InAVative Commercial AV Accessory category of the InAVate Awards at ISE in February, a publically-voted accolade, and the second is that has recorded record sales for December 2011 and January 2012.

"These were our best December and January ever, and our best two consecutive months ever," reported marketing director, Rob Robinson, "and that is principally down to SD7 sales. It's a huge testament to the relevance of the product to today's systems contractors, and doubly so when you consider that we have achieved record sales at a time when many others are still feeling the effects of the economic crisis. We've also garnered professional recognition with the award, so all in all, we're delighted."

The application is's seventh-generation design/documentation software solution. Drawing on nearly two decades of market experience, and exploiting the latest in software technologies, Stardraw Design 7 allows systems integrators to search for manufacturers' products, add them to projects, produce presentation, engineering and layout drawings and generate reports such as Bills of Materials, Cable Schedules, Quotations and more.

Stardraw Design 7's project- and product-centric database is accessed via tried and trusted task-oriented drawing environments such as 'Block Schematics' and 'Rack Layouts' as well as a new, grid-based Products overview and integrated Reporting interface. A key advantage of this approach is that each 'view' is a representation of the central project database, and a change in one view ripples through to all of the others. A multi-tab interface means that all drawings are accessible at the same time, with each drawing on its own tab, while the Project Dashboard gives you a master view of the whole project for quick and easy access to everything. The new Available Symbols Palette shows you the products in your project that are not being used in the current drawing, helping you keep track of your project and ensuring that you haven't overlooked anything when building your racks or documenting system interconnections.

Other new and improved features include compatibility with the latest versions of AutoCAD (R12 - 2010) and Visio as well as a built-in PDF-generator. There is also a new User Defined Product wizard which allows you to create your own custom product records with all associated symbols and data.

A brand new, faster and easier drawing interface is packed with many requested features including grab/pan, wireframe dragging, arrowheads, improved image support, setting of multiple Cable Labels in a single click, and automatic Title Blocks to name but a few, making Stardraw Design 7 a multi-generational leap forward.

"We're very proud of Stardraw Design 7: it is without doubt our most powerful and streamlined off-the-shelf design/documentation package yet," commented CEO, David Snipp. "To achieve record sales so soon after its launch and in such an unfavorable economic climate could not be clearer proof that SD7 is a must-have product for integrators."

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