SRS Labs Advances its Status as the De Facto Provider of Audio Solutions to the Mobile Industry as it Concludes its Most Successful Mobile World Congress to Date

Through a Combination of Strategic Partnerships, Innovative Technologies, and a Keen Knowledge of the Mobile Industry, SRS Labs Emerges as the Leading Audio Solutions Provider to the Mobile Market

Mobile World Congress 2012

SANTA ANA, Calif.--SRS Labs (NASDAQ:SRSL), the industry leader in surround sound, audio enhancement, and voice post-processing technologies, announced today the conclusion of its most successful Mobile World Congress attendance to date, further cementing the position of the company as the leading audio and voice solutions provider to the mobile market. With its commanding penetration and leading market share position, the company expects to continue developing its lead throughout 2012.

"We take the mobile phone market very seriously not just because of its tremendous double-digit growth year over year but because it is a market that depends on advanced technologies and out of box thinking to overcome critical challenges associated with communications, entertainment and productivity on the go"

SRS Labs has achieved its market dominance and positive year-over-year growth through a highly synergistic combination of strategic partnerships with key OEMs, ODMs and platform providers worldwide. Shipping in more than 70 million smartphones from leading mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, and others last year alone, SRS' extended portfolio of mobile-targeted technologies includes several advanced suites such as the popular TruMedia™, the next generation TruMedia HD™, and the game-centric TruGaming™, as well as the company's benchmark OpenSL ES™ solutions.

"We take the mobile phone market very seriously not just because of its tremendous double-digit growth year over year but because it is a market that depends on advanced technologies and out of box thinking to overcome critical challenges associated with communications, entertainment and productivity on the go," said Bob Lyle, Vice President, Mobile Solutions Group for SRS Labs. "As the leading provider of audio and voice post-processing solutions to the mobile market, we understand the importance of listening to our customers and end-user consumers alike and that has put us in a unique position to service our partners both as an advanced technology provider as well as a business partner that is able to innovate and custom design solutions to fit specific needs and unexpected challenges."

Over the years, SRS has established strong ties with key partners in the mobile market. From heavy-weight platform providers such as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, to industry leaders such as MediaTek, ST-E and Tensilica, platform partners rely on SRS' know-how and its complete portfolio of mobile-centric audio and voice technologies to provide competitive offerings in their core markets. In addition, the ready-to-deploy availability of SRS libraries on an already significant but still growing number of DSPs, ARM and OS solutions have positioned SRS as the de facto audio enhancement standard for mobile phone and media tablet applications. In practice, selecting to implement one or more technology solutions from SRS' large portfolio of audio and voice IPs is not just the easiest option for addressing performance shortcomings but it is also the fastest one, allowing mobile device manufacturers and mobile entertainment content providers accelerated access to what they want and need in order to create products and services that excel in their audio and voice performances.

SRS recently made history by being the first audio technology company to provide developers of mobile content access to a complete technology suite that fully conforms to the specifications outlined in the OpenSL ES standard for the Android® operating system. OpenSL ES provides a simple way for developers to integrate high-performance audio functionality into mobile software and hardware, across multiple platforms, making it indispensable for providing consumers with the richest and most immersive mobile entertainment experience possible.

Verifying SRS' influence within the mobile ecosystem, 9-out-of-10 consumers preferred using smartphones featuring SRS audio processing engines in a recent market survey by a third party market research firm. The respondents had the opportunity to listen to music and watch movies on smartphones that were equipped with SRS TruMedia technology versus identical models that featured a competitive technology from a tier-1 competitor. The results clearly demonstrated SRS' superiority and performance advantages.

With an estimated double-digit growth in both smartphone and tablet markets year over year until 2016, a strong portfolio of advanced technologies and solution suites, iron clad alliances with the top industry and market players, backed by solid endorsement of consumers worldwide, SRS is positioned as one of the most influential forces in the market for shaping and redefining audio and voice performance of mobile phones and media tablets.

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