AMX Introduces Intuitive Solution Empowering Teachers to Notify Of Emergencies, Improves Student Comprehension

Multipurpose System with Teacher-Worn Pendant Transmits Help Signal, Amplifies Teacher Voice; New Feature of AMX Unified Campus Solution

Richardson, Texas February 09, 2012

AMX®, the leading provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments, today announced the AMX ResQ™ system for its Unified Campus Solution. AMX ResQ delivers a new approach to school safety by giving teachers a small, classroom-audio pendant - with built-in panic-button, to address the sudden conditions of a classroom threat or other emergency.

The solution also addresses another significant classroom problem; that of students' ability to hear the teacher's voice from any location in the room. With a teacher-worn pendant that integrates a quick-response transmitter and microphone, plus a small, ceiling-mounted infrared sensor, AMX ResQ is an insightfully designed solution that keeps kids safe and sound.

"When you analyze the circumstances a real-life threat poses for teachers, you realize they don't have time to walk to an emergency button. They need something instant and discreet," said Michael Peveler, AMX Vice President, Education Sales. "From any location, even outside the classroom, AMX ResQ pinpoints the location of distress and silently notifies school authorities and police."

AMX ResQ is an optional feature of the AMX Unified Campus Solution designed specifically for schools. The campus-wide, network-based solution fully integrates the control of many key campus technologies including PA/Intercom, bells, security cameras, energy management (PCs, projectors, lighting, and HVAC options), classroom technology control, classroom audio, streaming video broadcasts, digital signage and emergency alerts. School staffers can easily manage these combined technologies from a touch panel, computer, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

In addition to the teardrop microphone pendant, AMX ResQ includes a receiver/amplifier unit and monitoring station as well as a network adapter that allows it to not only alert campus administration but local authorities as well.

"Every day, teachers and administrators need to be prepared to access and instantly react to a variety of emergency situations," said AMX Director of Education Marketing Jackie DeLuna. "Having a quick and appropriate response can mean the difference between safety and tragedy. The AMX ResQ system provides an instantaneous and well-organized emergency alert system."

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