ATEME and Bull Partner for Extreme Performance

The Combined Expertise Enables Large Scale Transcoding of Video Content for Multiple Screens

PARIS--ATEME, a world leader in video compression solutions for the broadcast and broadband market, and Bull, the premier European provider of High Performance Computing systems, announced today a broadening of their cooperation to market ATEME video processing solutions on bullx blade systems.

"Bull powers TITAN with a very smart award winning design - certainly the best off-the-shelf system on the market for video processing"

Introduced by ATEME in 2009, TITAN is a scalable video processing platform that enables massively parallel content transcoding into multiple at a very high degree of fidelity to the original source. It is increasingly popular with content providers and already deployed to deliver linear channels, Video On Demand or Catch Up TV services to the TV sets, PCs, tablets and smartphones of more than 70 million subscribers worldwide.

TITAN is built on bullx computing blades -up to 18 blades per 7U frame - an ultra-dense High Performance Computing architecture optimized for large scale video processing. "Our bullx system is designed to deliver maximum power for the watt" commented Pascal Barbolosi, Vice President Extreme Computing at Bull. "Both partners share a similar culture of efficient innovation, so it is a great satisfaction that ATEME relies on our bullx systems to deploy their solutions for VOD service providers worldwide" added Barbolosi.

Content owners and Pay TV Service providers that have deployed TITAN already experience the density, performance and power efficiency of the bullx blade system. From the end of March, 2012, new blades delivered will integrate the latest Intel® Xeon® Family E5-2600 chipsets (also known as Sandy Bridge) for further performance gains, with each blade transcoding multiple full HD linear channels, each into multiple profiles for instance. "Bull powers TITAN with a very smart award winning design - certainly the best off-the-shelf system on the market for video processing" commented Michel Artières, CEO of ATEME. "This gives us a competitive edge; our TITAN clients benefit from the latest and greatest Intel technology at all times" concluded Artières.

About Bull, Architect of an Open World

Bull ( is an Information Technology company, dedicated to helping Corporations and Public Sector organizations optimize the architecture, operations and the financial return of their Information Systems and their mission-critical related business processes. Bull focuses on open and secure systems, and as such is the only European-based company offering expertise in all the key elements of the IT value chain.


ATEME ( is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient video compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

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