Presenting - the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200

Innovative Multi-touch Screen Opens New World of Interaction

Imagine a restaurant table which is a touch screen where each seated guest can order from the digital menu and play a game or read the paper while waiting for the food. A wall in a fitting room where you can see yourself in a variety of garments and colours. Or a gaming table where the participants play electronic poker with each other.

After several years of development, generating over 50 patent families, the Swedish entrepreneur FlatFrog now introduces a brand new 32-inch multi-touch screen, the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200, opening new possibilities for communication and interaction in all areas, for businesses as well as consumers.

The screen uses advanced touch technology developed by FlatFrog, providing superior performance compared to the competition. This new technology is called PSD, Planar Scatter Detection, which is an optical in-glass multi-touch technology. Light is transmitted into the glass panel where each touch directly affects the light particles and can therefore be detected. The technology used in most competing screens is called capacitive and reacts to electronic fields in the screen. Hence it responds only to fingertips while PSD reacts also to thick gloves, plastic, rubber, whatever you want to use.

In the emerging multi-touch market, FlatFrog challenges competitors such as 3M, Microsoft and Samsung with a superior user experience.

"Light is the most scientifically accurate measuring tool known. The processing power available today, compared to when other multi-touch technologies evolved, is far greater. The PSD technology was designed by combining these facts, creating a next generation multi-touch platform with unparalleled performance", says Ola Wassvik, CTO at FlatFrog and one of the company's founders. "It's like looking at a high resolution photograph compared to a blip on a radar screen. When you add the element of implementing the technology inside the glass, you also get a very robust and interference-free solution."

Touch screens - soon everywhere
FlatFrog develops the advanced technology that now multiplies the possible uses of touch screens. Apart from responding not only to fingertips, 40 simultaneous touch points can be detected without any delay, deterioration of sharpness or jitter of the image. The coordinates are more densely distributed than on other screens. Therefore, the precision is higher than HD, 400 dpi. The screen reacts to movements as small as 1/16 of a millimetre. The user handling the screen has a very precise and natural experience.

"We are a hardware company", says FlatFrog's President and CEO Jonas Hedre. "We develop the technology and supply the screens. Then we co-operate with a host of other companies that develop the software applications. The screens can be mounted in tables or walls, be placed upright or hung like a TV. Our technology can also be adapted for consumer products like laptops or smartphones."

"People have begun to expect touch screens. If you visit a trade fair you can see how all screens are smudgy from all fingers trying to operate them directly on the surface. There is an enormous craving; it's a red-hot market. We collaborate with a great number of Value-Added Resellers that handle the development of applications. They know their markets. We supply them with new opportunities."

Value-Added Resellers (VAR) and solution providers are companies that further develop a product and adapt it to its own market or target group. FlatFrog's VARs are mainly companies that develop software applications but also fits the screen to a certain environment - an office, a store, restaurant etc.

As an iPhone or Android-mobile can be complemented with hundreds of thousands of applications, so is a FlatFrog screen the vehicle for an infinite number of usages. Already the 32-inch display now launched is big enough for several simultaneous users.

Development is on-going in many fields. It's a paradigm shift in immersive information interaction for exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, tourism, retail, architecture, all forms of education, design - among others.

FlatFrog's competitive advantages
Ola Wassvik: "The PSD-technology is superior to all competitors in terms of precision and performance. It's the first true multi-touch experience."

Jonas Hedre: "We are quick and focused. A strong team of outstanding engineers concentrate on designing our product. At the competitor's, multi-touch is a small department in a vast and often inert organization."

PSD - tech facts
•Novel optical in-glass multi-touch technology
•Multiple input - fingertips as well as different kinds of gloves
•Up to 40 simultaneous touches and drags
•Very high refresh rate
•Unparalleled precision and 400 + DPI accuracy
•Objects that are touched and dragged are completely stable, without jitter
•Full HD, LED display with optically crystal clear glass
•Brilliant image quality, unaffected by the multi-touch technology within the glass
•Platform independent
•Slim system (55 mm) with robust aluminum frame
•Can be mounted vertically and horizontally, integrated in a desk/table or with optional legs in bar- or sofa table height

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: 5500 USD
Shipping: end of April, 2012

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For additional information, please visit or contact:

Jonas Hedre, CEO,, +46 706 311 628

Christian Johnsson, Sales & Marketing,, +46 707 381 384

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