VidaBox Debuts Budget-friendly vServer™ & vServerPro™ Systems - Includes Drop-n-Rip™, DualRip™ features, plus Third-Party Streamer Metadata Support

Cost-Effective vServer™ Is Available in 2TB or 4TB, and RAID-protected 6 or 9TB Configurations. Works with Third-Party Media Streamers for Budget AV Projects.

Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands - Jan. 31, 2012 - VidaBox, LLC, a leading manufacturer of custom AV distribution & control solutions, introduces the vServer™ & vServerPro™ series of Media Servers. This new line of multi-zone servers includes a built-in Blu-ray drive, and seamlessly archives any unencrypted disc with its Drop-n-Rip™ and DualRip™ features. It then streams stored Blu-ray, DVD, music, photos, videos, & other digital content to 10 or more VidaBox extenders losslessly over a single Ethernet cable. Other media players like Dune, PopCorn Hour, and TViX may also be added as well with its third-party metadata compatibility.

"The vServer™ is the most advanced and cost-effective series of media servers we've ever devised," says Steven Cheung, president of VidaBox, LLC. "With clever engineering, we've been able to slash costs to 37% less than our current generation of servers while maintaining the same great features like Drop-n-Rip and DualRip, or add optional RAID protection with the vServerPro series. When combined with third-party media players, native Blu-ray & DVD video distribution has never been easier or more affordable!"

vServer's unique Drop-n-Rip archiving feature allows users to insert any unencrypted CD, DVD, or Blu-ray into the disc tray - and once closed, the system automatically identifies the title, tags it with the appropriate cover art, metadata, and archives it onto the system - all in a single step. The systems are available with 2 or 4TB of standard storage with the vServer-2TB and vServer-4TB, and 6 or 9TB of RAID5-protected storage on the vServerPro-6TB and vServerPro-9TB, respectively. Movie titles are archived bit-for-bit, losslessly preserving the original quality. DVDs can also be archived into an MPEG file simultaneously for playback on portable devices. Music CDs can also be stored into (2) separate formats with its DualRip™ feature - such as MP3, FLAC, WMA lossless, & WAV - for universal playback compatibility. The disc is ejected when the archival is complete, notifying the user that it's ready for the next title.

"With vServer's powerful Drop-n-Rip features, you can store your entire digital library and play any title, anywhere, at any time," explains Cheung. "It supports (10) or more streams of true 1080p, and 7.1 lossless audio, complete 3D support when used with our new VidaBox vStreamer™ and vPlayer™ extenders. Even third-party players can also be used as well for projects on a budget. The same cover art & metadata can appear on low-cost systems like HDI Dune, PopCorn Hour, TViX, and XBMC with additional effort and setup on the integrator's part."

The vServer & vServerPro series of systems are shipping and available in the second quarter for all VidaBox dealers. For more details and specifications on the vServer, media centers, servers, extenders, and other VidaBox digital entertainment and control solutions, please visit the company website at, call +1-516-730-7500, or visit them at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in stand 9B111.

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About VidaBox LLC
VidaBox LLC digital entertainment and control solutions seamlessly combine premium media centers, audio servers, and integrated home control and automation products into complete A/V distribution ecosystems to provide an unparalleled user experience. The company's reliable multiroom Blu-ray™ and DVD media server products support the latest options, including Netflix and streaming video, and enable comprehensive yet intuitive control of any device on any iPad®. As highly scalable systems that integrate smoothly with multizone audio and smart home technologies, VidaBox products can be installed simply and cost-effectively all at once or over time. Competitive pricing of the full VidaBox line offers exceptional value to professional integrators and their customers. More information is available at or by phone at +1 516-730-7500.

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