Imerge Sails On The Super Yacht Aiyana

An Imerge media server is powering the onboard entertainment on the super yacht Aiyana. The unit is living up to its reputation for consistency, performance and relibaility by coping with the challenging conditions of a life at sea.

Holiday makers chartering the luxury super yacht Aiyana can tap into a store of over 250 movies and more than 1700 music CDs thanks to the installation of a state of the art entertainment system that has an Imerge media server at its core.

The Imerge media server has 3TB of storage and five Imerge Media Players, all linked to an AMX control system. As well as storing movies it also stores all of the music, which is accessed by a Sonos 5 Zone Audio system and played through Dolby Pro Logic surround sound and Bose 5.1 outdoor surround Sound for the deck areas.

"With this system we can basically do everything, all at once," says Aiyana's Captain Ross 'Rosco' Monson. "Our guests can play the same or different movies or music in a variety of different locations. This means that we can cater for everyone's entertainment needs at all times, which is important when you are aiming to keep people happy and give them a great holiday experience."

Built without compromise and launched in June 2010, the 81ft/24.7m Aiyana was custom designed by Warwick Yacht Design in Auckland, New Zealand, and turned into reality in Alia Yachts in Antalya, Turkey. The yacht has a lifting keel that allows her to cruise in the shallowest of waters and get close in to the best anchorages. With the keel down she has power to race in the most competitive regattas and deliver great performance offshore in all weather conditions.

Inside, the yacht can accommodate up to six guests in its three cabins, along with cabins for the three full time crew members. Each guest cabin has its own 32" LCD TV which is linked to the Imerge onboard entertainment system. There are also a 32" LDC TVs in the main and lower salons.

"The Aiyana is available to charter in the Mediterranean (Italy and France) in the summer and Caribbean in the winter," Captain Rosco says. "We usually have families or groups of friends onboard who charter the boat for one or two weeks at a time."

The Imerge media server was chosen for Aiyana by the boat's owner who wanted an entertainment system with no compromises.

"Installing this type of equipment on a yacht is not like tackling a home installation as there are many potential problems that have to be addressed and overcome," Captain Rosco explains. "Power, cabling and cooling are all issues. The cables must be securely fixed otherwise the connection between the units can be lost when sailing. Universal Power supplies have been installed throughout the system to keep constant power when changing from Generator to Shorepower and batteries. Each unit is fan cooled and the server has its own air conditioning system to keep it cool in the Caribbean and summer temperatures."

With a year of service under its belt, the Aiyana's Imerge media server and entertainment system is more than living up to its reputation for consistency, performance and ease of use.

"It is an incredibly reliable system, which is an important factor when you are on a commercial yacht that is travelling the world," Captain Rosco adds. "Since her launch in 2010, the Aiyana has sailed regularly and has competed successfully in a number of sailing regattas. Not many other Imerge units will have that claim to fame. We are really delighted with our choice of media server - the Imerge system has been impeccable, as has the service we have received from the company. It provides seamless functionality to allow access to stored media, it is also robust enough to be used in the marine environment and we look forward to watching many more movies in the future."


Part of what is popularly known as the "Cambridge Phenomenon", Imerge is well-qualified to be the leader in its field. A spin-off from Cambridge-based technology consultancy "Scientific Generics", it developed the world's first hard drive-based audio server, the SoundServer, back in 1990s. In 2007 Imerge launched a multi-terabyte, 1080p-capable music/movies multi-room server - dubbed the MS5000 - which was hailed for setting new standards in usability, as well as delivering the very highest standards of audio and video performance. In 2008 Imerge launched the state of the art 1080p-capable MP1000 MediaPlayer which, when combined with the MS5000, unlocked a breathtaking range of new installation possibilities. In 2008, Imerge changed the rules by introducing the world's most advanced media server, the MS1, and its associated enterprise grade storage solution, the XiVASafe. Redefining the way we interact with our media, the MS1 has evolved into the MS1-HD, incorporating Blu-ray support, and the revolutionary new XiVA music store.

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