New Kaleidescape Vault Automatically Imports your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and Stores them for Easy Retrieval

World's Best-Engineered Robotic Disc Loader Now Available

** Stand #1P90, Integrated Systems Europe 2012, RAI, 31 January-2 February 2012**

Kaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in movie servers, has announced availability of the M700 Disc Vault, designed from the ground up to simplify and accelerate the process of adding movies and music to a Kaleidescape System. Up to 320 discs can be loaded into the M700 Disc Vault's precision carousel, where their contents are quickly copied onto the Kaleidescape System. This process is fully automated and requires no additional work on the part of the user. Once copied, a Blu-ray Disc must remain in the disc vault to enable playback of the digital copy from the server. DVDs and CDs may either be ejected or left in the M700 Disc Vault for safe storage and easy accessibility. The M700 Disc Vault makes it easier than ever to build and enjoy a personal movie collection.

"I've always loved my Kaleidescape System, but the recent addition of the M700 Disc Vault has taken the experience to a new level," said Jeff, a Kaleidescape owner from Seattle. "I love that I can import any type of disc very quickly and easily. Later, I use the front panel buttons to eject the CDs and DVDs from the vault in seconds, freeing up slots for more Blu-ray Discs."

The M700 Disc Vault also simplifies system installation. "Installing and loading a Kaleidescape System is much faster and more efficient thanks to the M700 Disc Vault. We can load up a customer's Blu-ray Discs and DVDs very quickly on site. If we want to save more time, we can build the rack on our own premises, pre-load a Kaleidescape Movie Collection, and then simply power everything up when we're in the customer's home," said Guy Singleton of Kent-based design and installation company, Imagine This. "The M700 will make our job much easier, and gives our customers more compelling reasons to enjoy the Kaleidescape System."

"Delivering instant access to Hollywood's best movies at the highest quality - anywhere in your home - has always been our passion at Kaleidescape," said Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman, and CEO. "We have spent the past ten years designing and building a family of products that solve real usability problems while providing the highest levels of performance and reliability. The M700 Disc Vault is an elegant addition to our product family that makes it easy to import your content, provides a safe place to store your discs, and makes it quick and easy to retrieve any disc when you need it."
Key Features
Unattended, Automatic Import - Copies large numbers of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs onto a Kaleidescape System. You simply insert the discs and walk away.

Easy Expandability - Multiple M700 Disc Vaults can be added to a Kaleidescape System to house thousands of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs.

Front Panel Display - Indicates import progress, number of discs stored, and number of available slots. Buttons provide ability to eject all Blu-ray Discs, all DVDs, all CDs or all discs.

Efficient Organisation - Clutter-free storage of up to 320 discs in just five rack units of space. The M700 Disc Vault also makes it easy to find a disc when you need it: simply locate the title in the onscreen display and select Eject Disc.

Integrated Kaleidescape M-Class Player - Provides pristine playback of movies stored on a Kaleidescape movie server.

Kaleidescape Design - Designed from the ground up for years of trouble-free operation. Kaleidescape engineers specified precision stepper motors, a high-strength belt, and an internal disc-retention shell.

Warranty - Includes a two-year limited warranty, extendable to five years.
The M700 Disc Vault is available immediately at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of �£4,495 in the UK. Paired with a 1U Server, the M700 Disc Vault comprises a complete Blu-ray movie server at �£12,190. All prices exclude VAT.
About Kaleidescape
Kaleidescape designs and manufactures the world's leading DVD and Blu-ray movie servers, bringing lifestyle convenience to movie-loving families. The Kaleidescape System, renowned for its intuitive user interface, presents your entire collection of movies on any TV in your home, and provides a rich, cinematic experience for the entire family. Kaleidescape's innovative products and services are protected by 67 patents issued and pending. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Kaleidescape sells its movie servers through custom installation dealers and distributors throughout the world.

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