Procella Audio Introduces P860 at ISE

Procella Audio announced today a new flagship loudspeaker designed for the most demanding large home cinema and screening room environments, suitable for spaces as large as mid-size commercial cinemas.

Sollentuna, Sweden and Amsterdam, Netherlands - January 23, 2012 -

Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-output speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced today a new flagship loudspeaker designed for the most demanding large home cinema and screening room environments, suitable for spaces as large as mid-size commercial cinemas. The P860 is a biamplified three-way full-range screen channel speaker capable of delivering THX reference level playback in rooms up to 24 meters (80 feet) in depth. Standing a full six feet tall and capable of producing peak output levels up to 138 dB, the speaker's driver complement includes a 1.5 inch high-frequency compression driver on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide, dual 8 inch high-output midranges, and a unique V6™ array of six 10 inch woofers. The speaker will be on display at Integrated Systems Europe Amsterdam in Booth #7M186, with pricing and availability TBA.

The Procella P860 loudspeaker is conceived for use in surround sound and two channel installations where playback level, room size, and listening distance requirements exceed the output capabilities of the Procella P815. The P860 is suitable for use in the largest domestic listening environments; mastering and monitoring facilities where extremely high SPL playback levels are required; and in small to moderate sized professional cinemas and screening rooms where reference-quality audio fidelity beyond the capability of conventional cinema loudspeakers and full dynamic range playback of 24 bit 96KHz program material is necessary.
In free-standing conditions, the P860 Is capable of producing continuous output levels of 128dB and peak levels of 132 dB. When mounted in a baffle wall, the speaker's maximum output increases to 132dB continuous and 138dB peak.

The P860's nine-driver complement includes a 1.5 inch professional quality high-frequency compression driver mounted on a proprietary Procella constant directivity waveguide (80H x 50V above 1.5 kHz). The midrange is reproduced by dual high-performance 8 inch drivers aligned in a vertical Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange configuration that provides exceptional directional control. These drivers are mounted in a closed-box enclosure that can be rotated for precise toe-in alignment.

In a separate closed-box enclosure, low frequencies are handled by six 10 inch bass drivers, mounted in a unique push-pull V6 configuration. Rather than using the conventional 2 x15 inch driver low frequency approach, Procella created this configuration to produce multiple benefits that include a more compact enclosure size and faster transient response than would be achieved with 15 inch woofers.

External biamplification is required, and a total of 2,800 Watts are provided by Procella's DA-1400 four-channel power amplifier, which is included in the P860 package. The DA-1400 also provides DSP control and the crossover between the low frequency and mid/high frequency sections. Three channels of amplification are used for the V6 enclosure, with each opposing pair of 10 inch woofers driven by its own 700W amplifier channel. The remaining amp channel delivers 700W to the midrange and high frequency enclosure through a very high-quality internal passive crossover network..

"The P860 was created in response to requests from customers worldwide asking for a loudspeaker capable of producing what we call the 'Procella Effect' in essentially any size room short of a large commercial cinema. The Procella Effect is the combination of reference-quality clarity and accuracy with cinema impact that is unique to Procella loudspeakers," stated Procella founding partner Gerben Van Duyl. "With our decades-long experience in THX-level commercial cinema design, the concept of the P860 as an extremely high-output reference speaker for both cinema and music reproduction was the logical next step. The speaker elevates the standards for those film and music enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the world's finest audio systems for their private cinema environments."

Designed by Procella's other founding partner, Anders Uggelberg, who is responsible for the design of over 300 professional cinemas that include over 100 THX rooms, the P860 follows principles that Anders created for his loudspeaker design for the Premier Run theaters in Finland and Sweden. These commercial cinemas define the state-of-the-art in cinema presentation, with picture, sound quality and listening environment equivalent to the best Hollywood screening room and premiere theaters. The technology that makes these uncompromising speaker designs capable of producing world-class sound in large commercial spaces drives the exceptional sound quality of the P860. Tuned to produce extraordinary accuracy that extends over a wide and deep multiple seat area, the P860 meets and exceeds the rigorous requirements of professional cinemas, mix facilities, and dubbing stages, in recognition of the requirements for both THX Cinema and THX Professional pm3.

When the P860 is used for the screen channels, the Procella P8 should be specified for the surround channels, with the total number of surround speakers dependent on the room depth and the size of the seating area. Procella's Identical Voice™ concept ensures a precise timbre match across all channels, enhanced by the fact that the P860 and P8 share the identical woofer, compression driver and waveguides. To ensure full dynamic range reproduction, such systems must include one or more Procella P18 active DSP subwoofers, with the quantity dependent on the room's volume and low frequency absorption characteristics. In small to mid-sized rooms, additional Procella P10, P10Si or P15 subwoofers may be used for frequency response balancing.

About Procella Audio
Manufactured in Sweden and distributed globally, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm, Procella Audio was launched in 2006 by two former Directors of DTS Europe, who created the first Procella speaker system for a 32 seat preview theater at the DTS Europe headquarters outside London. Procella loudspeakers deliver a powerful and dynamic cinema audio experience for the world's finest home cinemas, professional studios and screening rooms. For more information, please visit

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