Imerge Shows Its New 3D Media Server To The European Market At ISE 2012

Imerge Shows Its New 3D Media Server To The European Market At ISE 2012

Imerge has consolidated its pioneering work in audio and media servers by introducing a 4th generation server that cements its position as a market leader. The new MS1 -3D server will be on show to the custom install community in Europe at ISE 2012 (January 31 - February 2) at Stand 1M43

The MS1 -3D offers users the ability to archive and play 3D DVD and Blu -ray movies in full 1080p High Definition quality without the need for a mechanical disc auto -changer. Building on the pedigree and heritage of the award winning Imerge MS1 -HD server, this new unit is much more than just a 3D upgrade. The MS1 -3D combines the highest quality playback of music and movies with an extensive range of additional benefits, making it the most compelling high -end media server on the market.

With the MS1 -3D, users can access all of the existing features of the MS1 -HD, including a multiple language user interface for international customers and an iPhone and tablet controller app that allows full control of the MS1 -HD or MS1 -3D using a wireless network.

A unique and industry leading feature of the MS1 -3D is that it integrates four zones of analogue audio, thus combining both a movie server and a multi -room audio server in just one box. This further re -establishes Imerge's leadership in multi -room audio for high end installations.

Graham Boswell, Sales Director of Imerge's parent company Prism Sound, says: "The Imerge range of movie and music -focussed entertainment servers have won numerous industry awards and accolades thanks to their ability to deliver the ultimate home cinema experience. They make it simple for users to archive their content and replay it, wherever and whenever they want it, with maximum fidelity and minimum fuss. This is the first hardware revision for the Imerge MS1 series under Prism Sound's ownership and the MS1 -3D will enable Imerge to re -establish its leadership in the home media server field. The new MS1 -3D is the first in a range of new products that the company will be bringing to market over coming months."

Prism Sound is committed to extending the Imerge product range and to supporting its installer and dealer base. With this in mind it is backing the launch of the MS1 -3D with a new installer training programme. For a limited time, Imerge is also offering existing customers of its MS1, MS1 -HD and S3000 audio server the opportunity to upgrade to the new MS1 -3D at a discounted price. For more details, customers are advised to contact their existing Imerge dealer.

Also on show at ISE will be the Imerge XiVA™ Musicm8, an advanced, dedicated entertainment server that is the perfect way to store a precious music collection, photo memories, movie clips and much more. Musicm8 can be used with music streaming products to play music wherever it is wanted and to browse photos and videos via a web browser.

Please visit us at Stand 1M43 for a demonstration of the new MS1 -3D and other products in the Imerge range.

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Part of what is popularly known as the "Cambridge Phenomenon", Imerge is well -qualified to be the leader in its field. A spin -off from Cambridge -based technology consultancy "Scientific Generics", it developed the world's first hard drive -based audio server, the SoundServer, back in 1990s. In 2007 Imerge launched a multi -terabyte, 1080p -capable music/movies multi -room server - dubbed the MS5000 - which was hailed for setting new standards in usability and reliability, as well as delivering the very highest standards of audio and video performance. In 2008 Imerge launched the state of the art 1080p -capable MP1000 MediaPlayer which, when combined with the MS5000, unlocked a breathtaking range of new installation possibilities. In 2008, Imerge changed the rules by introducing the world's most advanced media server, the MS1, and its associated enterprise grade storage solution, the XiVASafe. Redefining the way we interact with our media, the MS1 has evolved into the MS1 -HD, incorporating Blu -ray support, and the revolutionary new XiVA music store.

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