Bel Canto at CES with New Products in Suite 29 -140

Visit Bel Canto at the 2012 CES, the Venetian Suite 29-140 Opening Night Press Party at 6pm Tuesday Evening Visit Us and Audition Exciting New Products!

1/6/2012 • Minneapolis MN • Bel Canto Design, Ltd., manufacturers of analog and digital source components and amplifiers - - an Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree - - is exhibiting at 2012 CES showcasing great new products.

C7R DAC Integrated Receiver
Amplifier Based on REF150 • Includes Phono Section!
Why choose different components for your music downloads, computer, CD player, turntables, cable/satellite box or game consoles? Keep it simple with Bel Canto's compact, powerful C7R DAC Integrated Receiver. A recent study shows that FM is still the most popular way of listening to new music, and we have the ideal way for your customers to do it. The C7R is loaded with inputs including two 24/192 SPDIF, two 24/192 TOSLINK, one 24/96 USB, MM Phono and Analog Line Level. Output connections are WBT NEXTGEN Speaker Connectors, RCA Line Out plus headphone jack. The REF150S -based power supply includes the REF -series filter board. Add a Bel Canto CD3t Transport and you've got an entire system in two high -performance half -size chassis… just add speakers! Coming your tuneful way at only $2,995 MSRP! Learn more about the C7R here.
Debuting the e.One DAC3.5VB MK II
John Stronczer always looks at ways to improve Bel Canto products. The DAC 3.5VB MK II upgrade includes an improved analog supply that better isolates the PCM1792 converter. John also added a new, low -phase -noise main clock oscillator and the results startled him! These upgrades reduce the already low noise of the DAC3.5VB/VBS1 delivering an even more engaging, musical and communicative sound. The MK II REF DAC Control System with REF cable retails for $5,895. Learn more about the DAC3.5VB MK II here.
CD3t Front -Loading Transport, the Perfect System Companion
The elegant, matching front -loading CD3t Transport features a high -reliability slot -loading mechanism. It's fitted with AES/EBU and SPDIF (BNC/RCA) reclocked digital outputs and low -jitter architecture. There's also a 3.5mm IR control input and a sharp, bright 4 -character display with six push -button controls. The remote has a comprehensive set of control features not available on the front panel and operates other Bel Canto products too. An efficient low -noise power supply uses a mere 3 watts in operation and the eco -friendly CD3t enters an ultra -low power 0.5W Sleep Mode after an hour of no activity. Learn more about the CD3t Transport here.
Audio Revolution's Andre Marc declares the CD3t a winner! "The CD3t would ideally be a terrific match with one of the Bel Canto DAC's. At $1495, the CD3t is an outright steal. It is refined and elegant in both appearance and sound." Read the full review here and learn more about the CD3t here.
You'd think three new products would be enough, but you'd be wrong!
The 24/192 Asynchronous uLink has Landed
Take Me to your Computer Earthling
While every technology depends on implementation, asynchronous operation and 24/192 are today's buzzwords. Having worked it out to Bel Canto standards, the new uLink offers an async high -speed USB -to -digital audio interface for computer music files that provides a low -jitter, low -noise electrical environment that's isolated from AC noise. Digital outputs include Coaxial SPDIF, AES/EBU, and ST Fiber with Bel Canto Light Link circuitry. The uLink does 24/192 on all outputs so… bring it on! The uLink works with Apple Macintosh and Windows PC computers and ships in about a month for $795 MSRP. Learn more about the 24/192 Asynchronous uLink here.
Three Separate Systems at CES!
We took a larger suite this year and we're showing three systems! System one, the big rig in Suite 29 -140 is a DAC3.5VB MK II/VBS1, PHONO3VB, REF500M monoblocks, a 24/192 Asynchronous uLink, CD2, MAC Computer, Unison Research Giro turntable with a Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge with Cactus cantilever, Joseph Audio PEARL 2 speakers, Cardas Clear cables, a Running Springs power filter and a Harmonic Resolution SXR stand. We know you'll love the sound. System two consists of a DAC2.5, REF500S, CD3t, MAC Computer, uLink, Joseph Audio Perspective speakers and Cardas Clear cables for an equally elevated musical experience. System three is a C7R and CD3t on Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers and Cardas Clear cables.
You'll find Bel Canto components in the Cardas Room 29 -136, in the Polk Audio room 30 -106 and the Davone Speaker room 30 -223.
See and Audition these Great New Products at the Venetian Suite 29 -140
And don't forget our Tuesday Night Press Party...
We're all really looking forward to seeing you!
The Wall Street Journal raves: "For bookshelf audiophiles who like their separate components down to the individual power supply, Bel Canto's full range of modular matching half -size power amps, CD players, FM tuners and digital -to -analog converters (for your PC music) is a dream come true. Though they're about as small as '80s -era microsystems, these handmade -in -Minneapolis stackables deliver enough sound and power for speakers 10 times their size."
About Bel Canto
Bel Canto Design has developed award -winning products for more than 15 years using the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices. Included in the Bel Canto line are a series of CD players, DACs, integrated amps, mono and two -channel amplifiers, an analog preamp, a companion phono stage with adjustable cartridge loading, the USB Link 24/96 USB -to -SPDIF converter, the 24/96 Light Link with more products you want on the way.
Bel Canto's music products are made in Minnesota and subscribe to low -impact production methods that put little waste back into the system. Reduced packaging volume and lower transport weight reduces environmental impact. Bel Canto reuses or recycles more than 99% of the packing materials found in incoming parts shipments, and each year diverts massive amounts of cardboard, paper, plastic film, and Styrofoam from landfills. Steel, aluminum, and other metal waste products are recycled and returned to the production stream.
Bel Canto Design, Ltd. • Minneapolis • MN • USA

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