Aaudio Imports Introduces Majestic Three -Way Speaker System by Lansche Audio of Germany

The No. 7 Speaker delivers musical performances that sound as direct and natural as when they were originally performed, with no restrictions in dynamic range, frequency spectrum or the pleasure of feeling transported to a live musical experience.

New Model No. 7 Boasts Acoustic Fidelity, Flexibility

And Innovation Plus Legendary Corona Plasma Tweeter

INTERNATIONAL CES 2012, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2012 - Aaudio Imports, a leading supplier of world -class high -end audio products, introduces the Model No. 7 Three -Way Passive Loudspeaker System by Lansche Audio of Germany, featuring Lansche's legendary Corona Plasma Tweeter, at CES 2012, beginning here today.
The No. 7 Speaker unites acoustic fidelity, uncompromising quality and technical innovation with an extraordinary flexibility to achieve the best possible audio experience regardless of room characteristics. It delivers musical performances that sound as direct and natural as when they were originally performed, with no restrictions in dynamic range, frequency spectrum or the pleasure of feeling transported to a live musical experience.

The new No. 7 Speaker includes a new, improved version of the Corona Tweeter, a new aluminum front baffle, integrated adjustable footers for perfect leveling, and bi -wiring terminals. All are housed in a pair of majestic, masterfully crafted cabinets, 69 inches high by 17 inches wide by 24 inches deep, that are as dramatic in appearance as they are dynamic in sound.

The speakers reproduce midrange frequencies using two 4 -inch cone drivers from Audio Technologies. They also use four 8.7 -inch long -throw drivers for bass, the Corona Plasma Tweeter for higher frequencies, and two passive bass reflex ports in the rear. The 4 -inch drivers' low mass integrates crucial midrange frequencies with the plasma tweeter, while the 8.7 -inch woofers consist of coated fabric cones of glass fiber and polyester.

A hallmark of Lansche technology, the Corona Plasma Tweeter, employs an 8mm -long electric arc to directly activate the surrounding air as a sound transmission medium. It comes closer than any other tweeter to the ideal of a point -shaped sound source with zero mass. The tweeter's arc of resonance -free, voltage -modulated air helps it avoid the limitations of conventional tweeters to achieve outstanding impulse, phase and amplitude response, and an exact, three -dimensional sound. As a result, the No. 7 delivers faithful, coherent musical reproduction with incredible precision, speed and economy.

The rear of each speaker includes a connection panel with input terminals that accept banana plugs and spades for midrange and high frequencies, six terminals for making treble and bass adjustments, an IEC AC power jack, and a fuse. Two jumpers and two cable bridges per speaker are included with each pair of No. 7 Speakers. Bass reflex ports and an on/off switch rest in the middle of each back panel, and pairs of cooling vents are on the sides.

The particular acoustics of a room influence the sound of every speaker. A room's design, the positioning of the speakers, the influences of furniture, curtains, and other objects can negatively affect the quality of a listening experience. One of the great virtues of the No. 7 is that it can be adjusted to the acoustic properties positioning restrictions of any room in which it is employed. For example, a sparsely furnished room without sound -absorbing elements such as carpets tends to produce an exaggerated treble response. A room with many sound -absorbing elements will make the treble seem duller. The two jumpers on the speakers' rear terminal panel are for adjusting both the treble and bass responses. To change one, the user can simply pull out a jumper and reinsert it into a more appropriate of the available six terminals.

Lansche's No. 7 Loudspeaker is available now from Aaudio Imports at suggested prices of $100,000/pair in a Satin Veneer 
finish, and $108,000/pair in a High Gloss Veneer
 or Piano Black Lacquer finish.

About Audio Imports
Based in Parker, Colorado, Aaudio Imports is a leading supplier of truly world -class high -end audio products to top quality dealers. Its high -end manufacturers, selected from companies around the world, also stand out from the crowd, and include Acapella in Germany, Audiotop in Switzerland, Bergmann Audio in Denmark, Einstein Audio Components in Germany, Isoclean Power in Hong Kong, Lansche Audio and Millennium Audio in Germany, Stage III Concepts in the U.S., Thomas Labusga of Germany, Weizhi Precision in Taiwan, and Ypsilon Electronics in Greece. Aaudio Imports dealers are true music lovers, selected for their product knowledge, listening skills, and desire to seek out only the best for their customers. For further technical information, visit Aaudio Imports' website at www.aaudioimports.com.

About Lansche Audio
Based in Konstanz, Germany, on the shores of Lake Constance, Lansche Audio was founded by Rudiger Lansche in 1998, shortly after beginning manufacture of the Corona Plasma Tweeter. The tweeter is exclusive to Lansche and legendary for its extraordinarily accurate three -dimensional sound. Through considerable research, Lansche developed midrange and bass drivers fast enough to keep up with the Corona's lightning -quick response. Speaker models No. 3, Cubus, No. 4.1, No. 5, No. 8.1, No. 7 and No. 5.1 followed, providing Lansche with a powerful line of highly expressive high -performance speakers. Lansche also implemented steady design improvements in the Corona Plasma Tweeter making it, in Lansche's opinion, the best tweeter in the world. For further technical information about Lansche Audio, visit www.ib -lansche.de

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