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STOW, OH, December 19, 2011 - Audio -Technica now offers its ATH -PRO700MK2 and ATH -PRO500BK Professional DJ Monitor Headphones, two high -performance models that are designed for DJ use, yet are also ideal for consumers seeking top -quality headphones that deliver exceptional sound.

The ATH -PRO700MK2 DJ closed -back dynamic headphones combine the sonic excellence, comfort and durability that have made Audio -Technica headphones favorites among DJs, industry professionals and astute listeners alike. The headphones employ large 53 mm drivers that are designed especially for this model, to deliver authoritative bass, a clear midrange and open, well -defined treble.

The ATH -PRO700MK2 features lightweight construction and large padded ear pieces that provide superior sound isolation and maximum comfort even during extended use. In addition, the headphones' 50/90 ear piece swiveling capability ensures a perfect fit for every DJ and monitoring application. The headphones are supplied with detachable straight and coiled cords, a screw -on ¼ -inch adapter and a handy carrying pouch.

The over -ear ATH -PRO500BK features powerful 40 mm neodymium -magnet drivers that deliver outstanding clarity, impactful bass, a detailed midrange and extended treble, making the headphones perfect for DJs as well as home listeners who insist on superior audio quality. They are designed to stand up to the demanding conditions of hard professional use, with a reinforced design that offers improved strength and smooth rotation of the ear pieces.

The ATH -PRO500BK offers long -wearing comfort, thanks to its padded ear pieces that are also acoustically efficient and provide isolation from outside sound. The headphones come with a coiled cord, as well as a screw -on ¼ -inch adapter and a carrying pouch. Like the
ATH -PRO700MK2, the ATH -PRO500BK is foldable for easy storage.

The Audio -Technica ATH -PRO700MK2 and ATH -PRO500BK headphones are currently available at suggested retail prices of $229.95 and $179.95 respectively from, Audio -Technica's easy -to -use secure online store, and other retail stores and online retailers.

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Celebrating 49 years of audio excellence, Audio -Technica is renowned worldwide for a broad range of consumer and professional audio products, including high -performance headphones, microphones, wireless systems, turntables and phono cartridges. Winner of numerous industry awards, Audio -Technica designs and manufactures products that set quality, durability and price/performance standards for major concert tours, broadcast and recording studios, corporate and government facilities, theaters, house -of -worship venues, and consumer applications. Learn more at

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- For more information on the complete range of Audio -Technica products, contact Karen Emerson or Crystal Griffith, Audio -Technica U.S., Inc., 1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Tel: (330) 686 -2600.

- For further information regarding product availability and pricing in the United Kingdom, please contact Harvey Roberts (hroberts@audio; in Germany, please contact Anja Groth (a.groth@audio; in the rest of Europe, please contact Evangéline Pirot (epirot@audio -technica

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