Encelium's New Polaris 3DTM Lighting Control Software Application Available On December 15

Customers with Original Polaris Software Offered Polaris 3D Upgrade at a Discounted Rate

DANVERS, Mass., Dec. 15, 2011 - Encelium's Polaris 3D™, a first software application of its kind in the lighting control industry, will be available to new and existing customers on December 15, announced Terry Mocherniak, director global business development for the LMS business unit. Polaris 3D is the next generation of lighting control software for Encelium's Energy Control System™ (ECS). It is a web based application that provides users with a single 360°, three-dimensional navigation in a multi-floor view of the entire facility's lighting energy use.

"Polaris 3D reflects ground-breaking technology and is exactly what customers today are looking for," Mocherniak said. "It gives users access to all of their facility's key data in a single three dimensional building snapshot, allowing them to easily optimize energy savings and improve occupant comfort and productivity." A product demo can be viewed at http://www.encelium.com/en/how-ecs-works/software.html.

"Encelium will continue to offer the original Polaris 2 software application through to Spring 2012, and we will provide support for customers using the software through the end of 2012," Mocherniak added. "At the same time, the company will provide existing customers with upgrades to Polaris 3D at a discounted rate."

OSRAM SYLVANIA Encelium is a global leader in integrated energy management and lighting control systems for commercial buildings. The company's ECS has been proven to cut lighting energy expenditures by 50 to 75 percent and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. It seamlessly integrates six energy management strategies including daylight harvesting, occupancy control, smart-time scheduling, task tuning, personal control and load shedding.

How Polaris 3D Works

Utilizing Microsoft's Silverlight technology, Polaris 3D will permit access to the system via a simple web browser, eliminating the need for software installation. This results in increased security, faster set-up and start times, and easier integration with other web-based building control systems. Polaris 3D provides users with a color gradient "weather map" type representation of lighting system data, such as lighting status (on/off), power density or energy consumption, light levels; occupancy status; load shedding status; and comparative energy trends.

"Users can quickly identify any lighting-related inefficiency trends in their facility," added Mocherniak. "In addition, Polaris 3D's ability to integrate with other building systems and have them 'talk' to each other enables all systems to operate at a whole new level of energy efficiency."

The central software enables facility managers with drag and drop functionality to simply group floors, rooms or even desks into zones, which are then controlled as a unit. Users can instantly rearrange lighting layouts by moving a zone from one area to the other with just a click of their mouse. Polaris 3D also provides the ability to change light levels anywhere in a complex, modify default levels and set lighting time schedules.

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