Insight Home Solutions acquires RAD Home Integration and Phoenix Home Theater

The new acquisition will increase quality, lower costs and optimize services for clients in Scottsdale and the Phoenix metropolitan area

Scottsdale - Insight Home Solutions, the privately held international group focused on the integration of home electronic systems, recently acquired RAD Home Integration of Scottsdale, Arizona and has now added Phoenix Home Theater of Fountain Hills, Arizona. This has increased the group offering and cut costs for clientele, positioning the group to offer their complete range of services in several key North American regions.

Driven by their desire to optimize home electronic systems, Insight Home Solutions is expanding through the acquisition of local integration companies. Bringing RAD Home Integration and Phoenix Home Theatre into their group will reinforce benchmark strategy and economies of scale, enhancing services and adding value for home electronics systems.

Dedicated to providing a diverse range of home electronics services, Insight Home Solutions offers cutting -edge systems in entertainment, communications, security and convenience. From customized theaters, intercoms and network access, to home systems and security controlled from your iPhone, iPad or Smartphone; the possibilities are as creative as the clients they design for.

In addition to acquiring these Arizona -based companies, Insight Home Solutions has already acquired Coast Sound fx near Vancouver, British Columbia, and Smart Home Systems in Calgary, Alberta. This strategic growth uniquely positions Insight Home Solutions to provide high -end, standardized home security and automation services to people with multiple homes.

"Home security and automation is both a lifestyle choice and real necessity," shares Michael McDonald, Chairman of Insight Home Solutions. "We see the Phoenix area as an important market for us, and we look forward to providing our high -end home services to full -time area residents and those with secondary homes. Thanks to our innovative structure and increasing economies of scale, we offer higher quality equipment at lower costs, which is very appealing for everyone."

"We are excited to be part of the Insight Home Solutions group," shares Rob Czech, Founder and President of RAD Home Integration. "Keeping the customer satisfied is the cornerstone of our business. Now, with Insight Home Solutions, we are able to optimize costs while sharing ideas with other leaders in the home automation sector. The savings we are able to pass onto our customers, combined with the new techniques developed as a result of our synergy, is guaranteed to impress our important client base."

"The Phoenix metropolitan area is a unique market," explains Bob Koopman of Phoenix Home Theater. "Many homes in this region are secondary homes, and not primary residences. In addition to offering our customers solutions that perfectly integrate into their Phoenix homes, we can offer unified solutions making it easier to manage similar systems from remote locations."

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About RAD Home Integration
RAD Home Integration is a full service integration company dedicated to customer satisfaction. RAD has enjoyed success in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and other surrounding communities for over 10 years.

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About Phoenix Home Theater
With 50 years combined experience in the audio -visual industry, Phoenix Home Theater offers customers an important edge. They are accredited CEDIA installation technicians as well as skilled interior designers who provide clients with systems that operate extremely well on the technical side while integrating seamlessly into the overall design of the home.

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About Insight Home Solutions
Insight Home Solutions is a privately -held, international group of companies whose strengths lie in sharing knowledge, industry know -how, and economies of scale to optimize home systems across the United States and in Canada. Their state -of -the -art systems are designed to offer quality and convenience through the integration of electronics for multi -media entertainment, home networking, lighting, shading, heating / cooling, security and other functions. The group already includes Calgary's Smart Home Systems, Parksville's Coast Sound fx, Scottsdale's RAD Home Integration and Fountain Hills' Phoenix Home Theatre. The strategic locations of the Insight Home Solutions offices make the company an ideal partner for people with homes in multiple locations.

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