Industry Veteran Launches GRACE MOTIF for “Luxury Class” Technology

Former StJohn Group Co-Founder, and accomplished industry executive, John Caldwell has launched GRACE MOTIF. They will serve as the exclusive North American distributor for luxury class AV brands for residential, commerical and hospitality markets.

Industry Veteran Launches

for "Luxury Class" Technology

Former StJohn Group Co-Founder, John Caldwell
will fill dealers' need for " technology that won't cramp one's style."

November 11, 2011, Scottsdale AZ Following the new millennium adage, "The best way to predict the future, is to invent it", accomplished industry veteran, John Caldwell has launched GRACE MOTIF, LLC, a new Scottsdale Arizona based company dedicated to marketing and distributing "luxury class technology" for dealers with design-centric clients in the residential, commercial and hospitality markets.

Conveniently located adjacent to the designer showroom-intensive, Scottsdale Airpark, GRACE MOTIF will initially focus on exclusive North American distribution of the A/V product lines that Caldwell has helped to champion over the last nine years. Namely; Artcoustic loudspeakers from Denmark, Cineversum projectors from France and Image Screens from Germany. Additional "best of class" brands in emerging categories as 4K video, ergonomics, lighting, system control and interface software, will be added to GRACE MOTIF'S offerings in the near future.

In addition to its 20,000 sq foot warehouse, GRACE MOTIF dealers will benefit from the company's expansive demonstration and training facilities along with key value-added design and engineering support services like, riser design/viewing angle/sightline studies, screen Foot-Lambert and acoustical response and EQ modeling.

"For the last decade, I've been immersed in forging an important pathway between custom installation professionals and the professional design community", said company president Caldwell. "GRACE MOTIF is the next logical step in my vision for bringing architects and interior designers together with custom installation professionals via best in class technology brands that blend seamlessly with the designers' vision and the installers' technical expertise."

Luxury used to be defined as the accumulation of designer clothes, expensive jewelry and fancy cars. For some, it still does. But for a growing group of consumers, the new luxury is beyond a consumable. It's something seriously different. It's about owning top technology-based products and enjoying the "experience" they can deliver. Consider the four brands most admired by Americans with six-digit incomes in a recent survey by the marketing specialist Affluence Collaborative were Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy and Sony.

Investing in a lifestyle experience that can improve one's environment and well being, as well as elevate the experience of such mundane acts as watching movies at home or controlling the space's climate, acoustics and lighting, is a growing and lucrative market trend. GRACE MOTIF fills the void for this increasingly desired technology in a thoughtful and stylish way. Its products and systems will never clash or seem out of place with one's lifestyle and room motif.

"We define 'luxury' not as a price point, a status symbol automobile, or a large gem stone" asserts Caldwell. "Rather it's the creation of uncompromising experiences that only our products and services can deliver. We welcome serving dealers who seek to elevate and differentiate their business though offering excellence in both product, and the experience they will deliver."

Amidst a sea of technology, GRACE MOTIF stands apart in its ability to skilfully market expertly balanced and fashionable technology systems from among its exclusive brands. It educates its dealers on how to properly present and execute a higher level of experience for their clients. GRACE MOTIF strives to compete not only with style, but a sense of grace that is all too often lacking in today's technology choices and suppliers.
Based in Scottsdale, AZ, GRACE MOTIF has seventeen regional representative firms and works closely with the best 800 specialty A/V dealers in North America. GRACE MOTIF's brands are only sold through qualified dealers and never over the internet.
GRACE MOTIF specializes in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market - in the residential, commercial and hospitality markets. It currently represents Artcoustic Loudspeakers, Cineversum HD projectors, and IMAGE Screens in North America and the Caribbean. Look for strategic brand and market segment additions in the near future.
Interested dealers, designers, businesses and consumers are encouraged to contact us for a free consultation.


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