Paradigm Introduces Monitor Series 7 Subwoofers

Monitor SUB 8, Monitor SUB 10 and Monitor SUB 12, the first series of subwoofers designed specifically for use with the Monitor louspeaker line.

Toronto, ON - October 25, 2011 - Paradigm proudly announces the addition of three new subwoofers to its recently announced Monitor Series 7 line.

Featuring the same new streamlined aesthetics and smaller footprint that define the updated Monitor lineup, the new Monitor SUB 8, Monitor SUB 10 and Monitor SUB 12 also boast a number of trickle -down technologies from Paradigm's award -winning Signature and Studio Series subwoofers, ensuring no -holds -barred, foundation -rattling performance from a smaller, more conventional -looking package.

Paul Wojciechowski, Manager of Product Development says, "While Paradigm is dedicated to using the best available materials when constructing subwoofers and speakers, we are equally committed to researching innovative design techniques that can drive the premium materials to their absolute potential in a smaller, more efficient, more affordable package. The ambition behind the Monitor Series 7 subs was to further improve bass response, even in the 8 -inch model that is ideal for the smallest listening spaces."

The Monitor SUB 8, Monitor SUB 10 and Monitor SUB 12 are engineered around the same single -driver design. The SUB 8 and SUB 10 both feature a mineral -filled polypropylene cone with a corrugated Santoprene surround (8 and 10 inches, respectively) first seen in the company's ultra -high -end Signature Series, a 1½ -inch 4 -layer copper -clad aluminum voice coil, Nomex spider, 4.5 lb ferrite magnet and an AVS die -cast heat sink chassis. The SUB
12 turns up the heat with a 2 -inch 4 -layer copper -clad aluminum voice coil,
6.5 lb ferrite magnet, along with dual Nomex spiders and AVS die -cast heat sink chassis.

All three subs feature internal Ultra -Class D amplifers delivering 900 watts Dynamic Peak/300 watts RMS Sustained power and boast low frequency extension of 19 Hz (SUB 8), 17 Hz (SUB 10) and 16 Hz (SUB 12) (DIN). The Monitor subs are wireless -ready; with the addition of Paradigm's PT -2 transmitter (sold separately), up to four Monitor subwoofers can be daisy -chained simultaneously.

Each sub in the line comes with an integrated USB port for PBK (Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit) equalization (sold separately), which analyzes the subwoofer's response in a room and then sets the correct equalization parameters to obtain optimal sound, even with less -than optimal placement.
Even when the finest subwoofer is placed perfectly, bass can sound bloated or boomy due to imperfect room acoustics. The PBK system measures the subwoofer from multiple positions in the room to highlight problem areas and calculate the correct EQ curve, resulting in pitch -perfect bass tailor made for the room.

Paradigm's Director of Marketing, Mark Aling added, "Given that these are Paradigm's first Monitor Series subwoofers we wanted to make sure we did justice to this beloved line. The Monitor SUB 8, Monitor SUB 10, and Monitor SUB 12 are not only a beautiful visual match for the new Monitor Series loudspeakers, but as with their counterparts, the subs also represent incredible performance at an incredible value."

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Paradigm's state -of -the -art Toronto, Canada facility, the Monitor Series 7 subwoofers are the perfect complement to the newly launched Monitor Series 7 line of loudspeakers.

All three subs are available in Black Ash to match the Monitor Series loudspeakers and estimated US FMV pricing for the series is as follows:
Monitor SUB 8 is $699, Monitor SUB 10 is $849, Monitor Sub 12 is $999. The
PT -2 wireless transmitter and Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) are optional accessories and have a US FMV of $149 and $99 respectively. For more information on Paradigm, please visit

About Paradigm
Innovative design, advanced materials, in -house manufacturing, and state -of -the -art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design. With more than 250 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm is committed to being at the leading edge of speaker technology and consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

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