Mo -DV Offers Fast, Secure, Economical Cross -Platform Solution to Delivering Multimedia Content Globally to Mobile Devices

Company's Latest Technology Advancement Is the Smart Alternative to Costly, Time-Consuming Streaming Methods Or Use of Non-Compatible Optical Discs

CAMPBELL, CA - October 14, 2011 - Mo -DV (Mobile Digital Video), an innovator of multimedia content delivery via USB Flash Drives and Micro SD Cards, has developed a game changing new technology that solves the format problems between mobile devices, HDTV sets, and other consumer electronic devices, with issued patents. The new medium enables users to play content on cell phones, tablets, PCs, and HDTVs. The Mo -DV technology and patents also apply to rapid Kiosk content delivery in addition to pre -loaded or downloaded content.

"The consumer market for movies on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs is now looking for help from Mo -DV," commented Jessica Fullmer, CEO of Mo -DV. "Our new common media enables these users to play content on their mobile devices. Mo -DV provides secure and economical multimedia content delivery universally for all devices via SD Micro Cards and USB Flash Drives. I like to refer to this new form of content delivery as our triple A: Any device, Any place, Anytime."

Optical discs cannot play on mobile phones, notebooks or tablets, and on fewer and fewer PCs. Mo -DV's technology centers on the premise that one flash -memory device plays on all platforms. The company's cross -platform common media technology brings movies, music videos, and promotional video content to the billions of memory -card -capable mobile phones, tablets, and PCs that are in use today.

The technology automatically orients and sizes content to fit different screen sizes and shapes, ranging from low to full high -resolution HD. It incorporates Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, protecting content from being illegally copied.

Although streaming TV to the living room is convenient, it is much more expensive to wirelessly stream or download from carriers to cell phones or mobile devices. Fiber optic -based wired networks are far less costly for data transmission than delivery by wireless networks. This makes movies and other content delivered on flash memory media less expensive than streaming or downloading over networks. Most portable devices are compatible with flash media, unlike optical discs, none of which are compatible with cell phones, tablets, or notebooks.

Mo -DV's patented common media technology allows playback of movie content on all platforms regardless of operating environment. Its software -based copy protection is an unbroken anti -copy solution for delivering movies stored on flash memory devices. Movie delivery through flash memory devices solves the problem of the lack of wireless bandwidth needed for streaming and downloading.

Currently, two -thirds of the world's phones have memory card slots. In 2011, more than four billion devices have memory card slots or USB flash -drive ports from which movies can be loaded. The original concept for Blu -Ray was for it to be able to download content to any device. However, Blu -ray movie storage is 20GB, which is not practical to download, particularly to mobile devices.

A recent poll shows that 48 percent of smartphone owners watch video on their smartphones. This movie -watching segment is projected to grow immensely. Also increasing is the length of the video view on smartphones. A recent study shows half of all tablet owners watched TV shows or movies on their tablets.

As all computing is moving to mobile devices, the restrictions on data capacities from limited RF spectrum and other elements will inhibit not only video transmissions but also use of "Cloud" services access due to those same limits.

About Mo -DV
Mo -DV provides its patented multiplatform video player with Digital Rights Management (DRM) to store and distribute video and audio content securely via USB Flash Drives and SD cards for use on mobile devices and PCs. Its technology turns portable devices with USB and SD card ports into movie, music and video players. With its software technology, Mo -DV aims to revolutionize the way media distributors, retailers, kiosk manufacturers, memory card manufacturers, and movie studios distribute video and other multimedia content to consumers. Founded in 2002, Mo -DV is a privately held company based in Campbell, Calif. For further information, visit

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