Pakedge Introduces Its K62 and K61 Preconfigured, Multi-VLAN Gigablt Router and Configurable Audio/Video Bridging Systems

The K62 includes the Pakedge R6V router, SW-24GBM fully managed 24-port gigabit Ethernet switch and mounting brackets.

Foster City, CA - Pakedge Device & Software today announced the introduction of its K62 and K61 Preconfigured, Multi-VLAN, Gigabit Router and Configurable Audio/Video Bridging Systems. The 24-port K62 and 8-port K61 provide the highest levels of audio/video bridging (AVB) and smart home networking performance, along with easy installation and robust security.

The K62 includes the Pakedge R6V router, SW-24GBM fully managed 24-port gigabit Ethernet switch and mounting brackets. The K61 includes the Pakedge R6V router, SW8-GBV 8-port Ethernet switch and mounting brackets. The K62 is ideal for use in larger networks, while the K61 is well suited for installations that require a smaller amount of connected devices.

Victor Pak, President and CEO of Pakedge noted, "The K62 and K61 are optimized for applications like high-definition audio streaming and networked custom-installation home entertainment systems. Their gigabit speed delivers the fastest possible network speeds to ensure dependable audio/video bridging performance for all connected devices, and they offer enterprise-class reliability as well."

The K62 and K61 are preconfigured to provide up to six VLANs with Pakedge's proprietary Quality of Service (QoS) via their gigabit ports. In addition, the K61 provides 1 fiber capable port. The K62 provides two fiber capable ports for longer cable runs. The K62 and K61 also provide dual WAN (Wide Area Network) ports for ensuring Internet redundancy, and a DMZ port, for easy connection of web servers, ftp servers or gaming consoles without additional configuration.

The K62 and K61 enable each device on the network to be prioritized, enabling more efficient network operation. Devices that require 100 percent smooth communication, for example, audio/video streaming and VoIP phones, can be assigned the highest priorities. Installers can also set up a guest network apart from the main network.

Both models are designed for easy installation and quiet operation. They come preconfigured for a wide variety of applications, from basic networks to complex residential systems. Color-coded rear panel jacks facilitate a faster, cleaner installation in an A/V rack without any messy wires protruding from the front. If desired, the VLANs can be easily reprogrammed via any network port, using a laptop or other device.

The Pakedge K62 and K62 provide a high level of pro-active security protection against IM/P2P traffic, phishing and pharming, and other threats. Security scanning is done within hardware (ASIC) rather than software, which results in increased network speed.


Pakedge Device & Software creates innovative networking products for people who demand performance, features, and reliability. Our products use the most advanced wireless and networking technology. They are designed for professionals to install and consumers to enjoy. For more information and system specifications, visit


• RJ45 connectors for 24 ports (K62) or 8 ports (K61)
• Enterprise-class firewall
• Five switch ports on router
• Color-coded ports for easy installation
• Managed macrocell Wi-Fi up to four access points
• Comprehensive security protection
• Full complement of switch management options
• LAN/WAN/DMZ interfaces
• Static/dynamic routing
• Network standards compatibility: IEEE 802.3i 10BASE-T; IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-FX; IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T; IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X; IEEE 802.3x flow control
• Six pre-configured VLANs including guest network
• Command line interface via console port; web-based management via embedded HTTP server protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Telnet remote login
• QoS support
• LED indicators for Speed, Link, Activity and Power
• All-steel construction, 2U high, rack-mount-ready
• Quiet operation

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