Atlona Technologies WFX 2011 Preview

Atlona Technologies(R) WFX 2011 Nov. 9-11 | Dallas, Texas Booth 322

Atlona Technologies(R)
WFX 2011
Nov. 9 -11 | Dallas, Texas
Booth 322

Atlona Technologies
1293 Mountain View Alviso Rd., Suite A
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Atlona Contact:
Raymond Moore
Public Relations and Media Director
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Joshua Carlson
InGear Public Relations
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Atlona at WFX 2011:
WFX is about creating places for people to worship and build communities. At the show, Atlona will demonstrate the right A/V solutions for houses of worship to communicate their messages more quickly and with ease.

Company Quote:
"Houses of worship of all sizes are increasingly embracing A/V technology to communicate their message more effectively to parishioners," said Mike Grubb, Atlona Professional line general manager. "Our Professional line offers everything they need - - from our digital connectivity testing kit to HDBaseT extender kits, matrix switchers, and much more - - to ensure the best possible multimedia experience while greatly simplifying operation for volunteer -based organizations."

New Atlona Products on Display at WFX 2011:

Digital Connectivity Testing Kit (KIT -PROHD3)
The Atlona KIT -PROHD3 allows integrators to diagnose 99 percent of all system digital connectivity issues in moments, saving both time and overhead. Packaged in a high -quality carrying case, the kit includes:

- Signal Generator (AT -HD800): Allows users to send a variety of high -resolution testing patterns in both 2D and multiple 3D formats, and pinpoint interoperability issues in sources, cables, extenders, switchers, AVRs, distribution amplifiers, and displays.
- Testing Monitor (AT -DIS7 -PORHD): Recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video sources at both HDTV and VESA resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200, and allows integrators and installers to observe both digital audio and video signals in real time.
- HDMI EDID Emulator (AT -HDSync): Fixes any EDID, hot plug, or sync issue.
- AT -BAT -DIS7PRO: Provides five hours of battery power.

Image Link: -KIT

HDMI HDBaseT Extender Pair (AT -DVI4 -100SR and AT -HD4 -V110SR DVI)
The AT -DVI4 -100SR and AT -HD4 -V110SR are the perfect solutions for remotely located computers, video codecs, and matrix switchers. Featuring HDBaseT technology, the units extend DVI and HDMI transmissions up to 350 feet with resolutions up to 4Kx2K over a single Cat 5/6/7 cable, while providing bidirectional RS -232, IR, and Ethernet pass through. The AT -DVI4 -100SR is fully HDCP and EDID compliant.

Image Link:

11 -Input Switcher/Scaler With Two Mirrored Outputs (AT -LINE -PRO5)
Designed to create stunning presentations while simplifying setup, the AT -LINE -PRO5 presentation video switcher/scaler allows users to scale any source easily to their display's resolution, from 640x480 to 1920x1200 and from 480i up to 1080p. The unit's dual mirrored outputs reduce the amount of equipment required for presentations by allowing users to send two different display sources simultaneously. Furthermore, the AT -LINE -PRO5 offers several different inputs - - four HDMI, one DVI, two VGA, two component, and two composite - - to connect a wide variety of devices. To accommodate the needs of any application, the AT -LINE -PRO5 offers a variety of control options, including IR remote, the face panel, RS -232, and integration into any control system.

Image Link: -LINE

HDBaseT 8x8 and 16x16 High -Speed HDMI Matrix Switchers Over Single Cat 5/6/7 With 3D Support (AT -PRO2HD88M and AT -PRO2HD1616M)
The Atlona AT -PRO2HD88M and AT -PRO2HD1616M are true 8x8 and 16x16 high -speed HDMI matrix switchers. These units feature eight (8x8) or sixteen (16x16) inputs with the same number of independently switchable twisted pair outputs to route to Atlona's AT -PRO2HDREC and AT -PRO21616M -RX receiver modules (sold separately).

The units have the ability to equalize, amplify, and reclock the signal to ensure HDMI -accurate signal transmission through long cables without quality loss. Featuring HDBaseT technology, the switchers extend HDMI sources up to 330 feet at 4Kx2K resolution over a single Cat 5/6/7 cable, in addition to providing analog two -channel stereo, bidirectional RS -232, and zone -specific bidirectional IR pass -through up to 60 KHz.

Image Link:
Image Link:

4x1 and 4x2 High -Speed HDMI Switchers (AT -HD4 -V41 and AT -HD4 -V42)
The Atlona AT -HD4 -V41 and AT -HD4 -V42 are 4x1 and 4x2 high -speed HDMI switchers, featuring four HDMI inputs and one or two HDMI outputs. These units are designed for watching media on multiple displays without the need to move devices, making them great for home theaters with mirrored video outputs, such as a flat panel display and video movie projector.

Atlona's new switchers support HDMI 100 -Mbps Ethernet ports for HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) and Audio Return Channels (ARC). The AT -HD4 -V41 and AT -HD4 -V42 give users a superior bandwidth connection, between four sources and one or two video displays, at resolutions up to 1080p without signal loss. These HDCP supported devices also allow for bidirectional HDMI Ethernet Channel pass through. In addition to digital audio de -embedding through the S/PDIF outputs, Dolby(R) TrueHD, and DTS -HD Master Audio pass through are supported.

Image Link: -HD4 -V41_AT -HD4

16x16 HDMI Matrix Switcher (AT -HD -V1616M)
With 16 inputs, 16 outputs, HDCP compliance, EDID learning capabilities, a RS -232 control option, and nine programmable memory presets, the Atlona AT -HD -V1616M has something for all professional needs. The matrix switcher is compatible with all current HDMI -to -DVI sources and supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 1080p and 2K. The unit features fast switching times between .5 to 2 seconds, a built -in redundant power supply, as well as HDMI equalization to support HDMI cables up to 50 feet long without the need for extenders.

Image Link: -HD

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Company Overview:
Atlona Technologies(R) - - "Connecting Technology to Your World." As a global manufacturer of cutting -edge digital connectivity solutions, Atlona supplies an extensive range of high -quality products - - from cables, splitters, and extenders to distribution amplifiers, converters, switchers, and much more - - to a diverse client base spanning the consumer electronics, home theater, computing, retail, systems integration, professional A/V, broadcast, entertainment, medical digital imaging, and digital signage markets.

Made from the finest materials and offering unique feature sets, the company's value -added products can be found in installations worldwide. Atlona provides a wide range of solutions from all three of its comprehensive product lines: Atlona Home (consumer electronics), Atlona Professional (systems integration), and Atlona Industrial (commercial). More information about Atlona Technologies is available at

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