Paradigm Introduces Modernized and Reference-Infused Cinema

Trickle-down technology from the Paradigm Reference lines, upgraded crossovers and a complete cabinet redesign make Cinema speakers the ultimate in audio value.

Toronto, ON - October 2011 - Paradigm, a worldwide leader in speaker design and manufacturing, proudly announces the new Cinema speakers, a rebirth of the value-based line that will put fear in the hearts of compact theater systems everywhere. Trickle-down technologies from the acclaimed Reference lines combined with best-in-class build materials make new Cinema a perfect entry point for aspiring audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

Reengineered and redesigned from head to toe, Cinema is comprised of all new models including: Cinema 100 satellite (table-top stand and wall-mount bracket included), Cinema 200 on-wall, Cinema 400 on-wall, Cinema Trio 3-in-1 LCR, Cinema Sub and the Cinema 100 CT 5.1 system. A seemingly endless array of audio configurations can be arranged with the combination of satellite, on-wall and 3-in-1 speakers, depending on customer preference.

Starting with build materials, Paradigm infused Cinema speakers with Reference-quality crossovers, S-PAL satin-anodized pure-aluminum dome tweeters and wire-mesh tweeter guards with WaveGuideTM technology borrowed from the Reference Signature series, which encourage wide and spacious dispersion while protecting the sensitive dome surface. Mineral-filled polypropylene bass/midrange cones with added mineral content stiffen cone composition. Across the series, acoustic achievements include: lower frequency extension, flat response curves, further reduced distortion, sustained sensitivity and improved full dispersion.

Aesthetically, Cinema speakers include new curved and sculpted acoustic suspension cabinets with industrial high-gloss finish, offering a modern appeal. Push-through binding posts with new Easy-Glide wire channels allow for painless installation and banana plug access. For placement flexibility without sacrificing performance, Paradigm equipped new Cinema with the EasyMount™ wall-mounting system (and contemporary tabletop stand option - Cinema 100 only). Cinema speakers also feature removable self-aligning StayTight™ magnetic grilles (excluding Cinema 100) for fit-like-a-glove contact and perfect alignment.

While speakers get the most attention, the low-frequency contributions of the Cinema Sub are not to be ignored. With a dramatically increased dynamic range over the last Cinema Sub, this subwoofer features an 8" high-excursion driver made of polymer composite, capable of producing 300 watts Dynamic Peak and 100 watts RMS sustained. The Cinema Sub is included in the Cinema 100 CT system or available a la carte and allows for two different placement options: gloss side up or cloth side up depending on your aesthetic preference.

The Paradigm MC-30 high-performance floor stand (sold separately) adds another sturdy set-up option for the Cinema 100 with its extruded aluminum post, polymer base and cast iron ballast. A customized bracket head and hidden cable channel ensure this stand will never attract more attention than the speaker it supports.

"The original Cinema line was priced competitively with big box store compact theater systems but offered customers a substantial improvement in audio performance," said Mark Aling, director of marketing for Paradigm. "Once people realized high-performance audio was available at such tremendous value, Paradigm assumed a leadership role in the audio industry. We are confident our new Cinema line will continue that legacy."

Cinema 100: 2-driver, 2-way - 1" tweeter, 4" bass/mid driver. EST US MSRP: $299 per pair
Cinema 200 3-driver, 2-way - 1" tweeter, two 4" bass/mid drivers. EST. US MSRP: $249 per speaker
Cinema 400 5-driver, 2 ½ way - 1" tweeter, one 4" bass/mid driver, one 4" bass driver. EST. US MSRP: $399 per speaker
Cinema Trio: 7-driver, 3-channel, 2-way - three 1" tweeters, four 4" bass/mid drivers. EST. US MSRP: $549 per speaker
Cinema Sub: 8" high-excursion driver, 300 watts Dynamic Peak, 100 watt RMS sustained. EST. US MSRP: $349 per speaker
Cinema 100 CT: Five Cinema 100 satellite speakers and one Cinema Sub. EST. US MSRP: $999

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