Smartec released network IP camera with audio channel and SXVGA resolution

Smartec STC-IPM3096A network camera generates detailed images, using original digital processor and 1/3 Mpix Sony ExViewHAD CCD with progressive scan and up to 0.4/0.06 lux of minimum illumination.

Smartec STC -IPM3096A IP camera features 1.3 Mpix Sony progressive scan CCD and provides 24 -hour video surveillance at up to 0.06 lux of minimum illumination. This network model generates high -quality images with up to SXVGA (1280x960) resolution and can transmit two video streams simultaneously over the network in MPEG -4/M -JPEG formats. In addition, STC -IPM3096A is equipped with motion detection, alarm input/output, 2 GB SD memory card, audio input/output, and also supports PoE technology. Remote configuration and management of this network IP camera can be carried out via standard Web browser or NetStation software.

The high range of sensitivity level and color reproduction is achieved by 1/3 MPix Sony ExViewHAD CCD with progressive scan. Herewith this network model ensures stable 24 -hour video surveillance, since it is equipped with a removable IR cut filter and motion detection. During the daytime operation network IP camera transmits high -quality color video information, while in low -light it switches to the B/W mode, providing clear B/W images at up to 0.06 lux of minimum illumination. To prevent accidental switching between Day/Night modes during the temporary change in light level, IP camera allows the operator to set switching delay time - 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds.

STC -IPM3096A can transmit up to two video streams simultaneously over the network in MPEG -4/M -JPEG formats with individual resolution and frame rate. In M -JPEG format, maximum resolution of Smartec IP camera will be 1280x960 pix. (SXVGA) at 10 -15 fps or 640x480 pix. (VGA) at 25 fps. In MPEG -4 network IP camera can transmit VGA -standard video in full -screen mode. To optimize M -JPEG video stream for network bandwidth, the operator can choose video compression level: Low, Middle or High.

Power supply of the network camera is performed directly from AC/DC sources with 12/24 V voltage or by Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. PoE allows the operator to reduce costs for additional supplies and cabling, as well as IP camera installation time. When using Smartec brackets, network IP camera can be installed on any surface, while for outdoor operation STC -IPM3096A must be installed in the housing with an appropriate protection class.

The effective camera operation in the network security system is provided by the hardware motion detection, alarm input for external sensor connection and security alarm output for external executive devices. Built -in video detector has three sensitivity levels and allows the operator to specify up to 48 detection areas with 8x6 grid. Due to audio input/output network IP camera ensures stable two -way audio communication between the operator and the monitoring area.

Recording and storage of IP camera video information can be carried out on network video recorder (NVR), HDD or external disk drives and arrays. For temporary data storage the operator can use 2 GB SD memory card (supplied). In addition, network IP camera can record video to SD -card constantly or cyclically.

Configuration and management of STC -IPM3096A can be carried out from a network PC via a standard Web browser, allowing the operator to configure IP -cameras operation or view streaming video. For management of multiple devices, it is recommended to use specialized software. This network IP camera is bundled with NetStation software, which provides real -time video monitoring, recording, search and playback of the archive video, as well as configuration of the alarm inputs/outputs of the network camera.

New Smartec STС -IPM3096A network IP cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STС -IPM3096A and other Smartec IP -equipment, please, contact your Smartec dealers directly.




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