Bedford, NH - September 1, 2011 - Adeo Screen, a subsidiary of Adeo Group and manufacturer of the Screen Research product brand, has entered into a partnership to serve the Americas by concluding an exclusive distributor agreement with SRIus Importers Limited. Effective today, SRIus Importers Limited, a US based company located in Bedford, NH with satellite offices in Silicon Valley, CA and Rochester, NY will handle all sales, marketing and distribution services for the Adeo product lines. Over the past four years extensive investments have been made in the Screen Research brand, which include product portfolio development, enhanced technical support, and manufacturing processes. These investments have proven to be successful in the European market and this new partnership announced today will give the brand the needed logistical support in the Americas.

The Screen Research acquisition by Adeo Screen was a year ago, thus providing the brand long -term financial stability, and significant improvement in our industrial capabilities while ensuring our standards for quality and performance. This alliance has strengthened both brand positions in the market, and we now look to leverage these strengths through this new partnership in the Americas.

We are very pleased to join with SRIus Importers Limited in the development of the Americas market. This alliance provides another major step in the reinstatement and resurgence of the Screen Research brand. Screen Research was founded with the mission of delivering the highest quality product featuring the latest in state of the art material and technologies.

From Yves Trélohan, President of International Sales and Marketing for Screen Research and Adeo Screen; Founder of Screen Research

We have succeeded in positioning Adeo Screen as delivering high quality products in the most competitive and challenging price sensitive market segments in Europe. This addition of Screen Research has delivered that same level of quality in the high -end "Reference" and "Custom" markets. This partnership with SRIus Importers Limited in the Americas will only strengthen our worldwide position by adding localized expertise to an already established portfolio of "Best in Class" products.

From Paolo Gadotti, President of Adeo Screen

We will provide Adeo with superior marketing and sales representation skills as they bring us a well -established, high -end brand and a reputation for world class manufacturing services. We have already put in place the infrastructure and staff necessary to ensure a full compliment of service and support. This, combined with leading edge product development, technical and administrative resources from Adeo Group will provide the anchor to support our ambitious development plan for the Americas.

From Daryl Dembiec, Principal, SRIus Importers Limited

Our strategy is to operate SRIus Importers Limited in a manner, which highlights the Screen Research brand, returning it to the echelons of premium brand recognition in the CEDIA space. We will do this in conjunction with our representative and reseller partners, as we look to revitalize these relationships to re -capture market and mind -share for Screen Research and Adeo in the Americas.

From Gary M. Chappell, Principal, SRIus Importers Limited

About Screen Research:
Screen Research is a world -class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Distributed in 40 countries worldwide, Screen Research offers an extensive line of state -of -the -art video projection screen solutions, most notably its award -winning ClearPix® acoustically transparent THX® and ISF® certified screens.

About Adeo Screen:
Adeo Screen brands, Screen Research and Adeo Screen, are world -class providers of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom home theatre, cinema and professional applications. Manufactured in Europe and distributed in 40 countries worldwide, the two brands are complementary and offer an extensive line of video projection screen solutions from state -of -the -art, THX® and ISF® certified screens, to high quality products for price sensitive markets.

About SRIus Importers Limited:
SRIus Importers Limited is headquartered in Bedford, NH. This privately held company, under the direction of Daryl Dembiec and Gary Chappell, has a wealth of management experience in the A/V and CE markets, with a combined total of over 50 years experience in brand management, marketing and sales through reseller based channels.


Gary M. Chappell
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