The Evolution of Sound: Introducing ClarityOne Earbuds

Alleviating today's mediocre listening experience with pure unadulterated sound

TORONTO - Ok. So you've heard 'revolutionary' a thousand times before. We won't say it we'll just tell you that every other sound reproduction device on the market is based on a law established in the 1800s. ClarityOne earbuds have gone beyond the archaic limitations to set the new standard in sound with a built -in PureSound Processor that virtually eliminates distortion, extends player battery life and makes the world sound good.

"People have been conditioned to accept poor quality sound and we are here to change that," says Dean Kurnell, President of ClarityOne. "Our earbuds are based on a simple philosophy: pure sound in should be pure sound out. With the patented PureSound processor built into every ClarityOne earbud that's exactly what you get - pure crisp mids, bright highs and clean deep base. You hear music exactly as the artist intended you to hear it," says Kurnell of the earphones available for $139 at
Seeing beyond the Lenz
Lenz's Law set the limitations for all modern -day sound reproduction devices; like speakers, earphones, even your car radio. Abiding by the law means any sound produced through a speaker suffers a level of distortion resulting from magnetic field build -up in a single wire coil. Though revolutionary in his time, it is a fact that Lenz's Law limits the quality of sound reproduction. We've got nothing against the brilliant work of Mr. Lenz - we realize he established this rule in 1834 for motors and was long gone by the time it started being used for sound reproduction. It is time to take another look at the way the sound reproduction industry does things.
"We just couldn't accept such a dated restriction on sound quality and set out to challenge the near 200 year old barrier. We did it with the PureSound Processor," says Kurnell of the breakthrough processor that makes undistorted, 3 -dimentional listening a true reality. "The industry became complacent and chose instead to jazz up earphones with glitz and glam but not improve or advance the technology," he says, adding the goal is to create a better listening experience for real music lovers.
The purest bud around
Pure sound can be seen with an oscilloscope in a square wave test. A square wave is perfectly synchronized so the sound keeps all of its natural harmonics. If sound suffers distortion - as in traditional crossovers where only a single wire coil is used - the square wave is reduced to a round wave actually robbing the sound of many harmonics.
The PureSound Processor (PSP) has picked up where Lenz left off and counters the magnetic field that interferes with sound. The PSP provides the most direct route possible for sound and minimizes distortion between input and output. In non -geek terms that simply means sound travels undisturbed from your player to your earbud.
Another benefit of this technological advancement is the ability to use 8 ohm voice coils. Other players need to use a higher resistance - some more than 32 ohms - just to mask the distortion caused by their sound processor. The higher the resistance, the harder your player has to work to push the music out, and drains the battery with the effort.
Go to to really geek out and see the tests and scientific details.
Ditch your other 'buds
Whatever you're listening to now isn't doing your music justice. But don't take our word for it, try them yourself.

We commend other earbud brands for their success in obtaining celebrity endorsement, adding dazzling crystals to their designs and matching really well with our shoes - they had to do something to distinguish themselves considering they all sound the same! We know, ClarityOne earbuds are easy on the eyes too, but they're more than just a pretty face. It's time to put an emphasis on sound quality and that's exactly what we've done. Ultimately, the proof is in the listening. We can talk geek -speak all day, but all you really need to know is that life sounds better through ClarityOne.

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