How Do Homeowners Use Energy Management?

People are finally seeing the benefit of energy management market, both in the commercial and residential sectors.

People are finally seeing the benefit of energy management market, both in the commercial and residential sectors. With the marriage between energy monitoring, home control systems, smart appliances, electric vehicles, and the smart grid, Energy Management systems finally make sense for the mainstream consumer. Now that energy -contractors like Stellar in Golden Colorado can provide modestly priced control systems, we should learn how these systems can help everyone.

1. People want energy efficiency.

U.S. adults found that most Americans seek energy saving products. Whether they are using an environmental, financial or energy independence justification, we can all agree that cost -neutral energy saving products are a no -brainer decision. Some studies suggest that men were somewhat more interested than women in buying or renting an energy -efficient home (67 percent vs. 61 percent) but there is little difference when energy savings devices are cost saving products.

2. Energy Management (home controls and energy monitoring working together) hits mainstream.

In case you haven't heard, big service providers like ADT, Comcast and Venison are rolling out inexpensive "connectivity" solutions for the mass -market, including some energy management applications. This will no doubt serve to introduce many U.S. consumers to the benefits of energy management in the home. With Control4, Lutron, and TED offering their own solutions we are bound to see more home control systems hooking up with energy monitors to automatically turn appliances and devices off for energy savings.

3. Smart grid and smart appliances are connected by an automated energy manager.

GE is launching "connected home solutions". LG is no longer "Lucky Gold star" but "Life is Good" by having a platform of smart appliances with LCD screens for energy -savings operation. At the recent CES show in Vegas. LG showed smart appliance solutions, as did GE, while kitchen appliance brands Sub -Zero and Wolf showed available connected home network solutions with Control4.

4. We know about Energy Vampires and Phantom Loads and simple devices can "kill them".

We are seeing articles on these funny names! Energy Vampires! Phantom Loads! With reduced energy usage by lighting and HVAC systems, these "always -on -devices" becomes a bigger piece of the energy -consumption pie. Simple smart strips can manage them.

5. We have it at the office and we use it to help the elderly.

Commercial building automation is part of green building and LEED certifications. With the launch of ISO 15001 (Energy Management) it will be as much a part of the work world as quality and environmental standards. Comprehensive solutions that can save energy and money in the commercial sector will trickle down into more home energy management. The elderly will be able to remain in their homes longer since home automation is now able to greatly reduce the amount of work to the caregivers and those caregivers can be called with any change in status. Insulation Denver, Furnace Denver.

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